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Anemia - tell me your experiences

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My cancer kitty Callym has a very bad red blood cell count and very severe anemia.

Although it won't change anything per se, I want to understand feline anemia and hear about people's experiences. I know his cancer and kidney issues can both lead to anemia, and he is fighting both right now. I thought I would lose Callym when the tumor got to the point eating was painful. He is still eating though. The anemia has now put him in a dangerous position.

I know anemia can make you lethargic and the organs can't function well with severe anemia, but somehow I have to know more about anemia since I know so little about it.
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I want to know more too since Dusty is also anemic. Vet said to give her B complex. He said you can't OD because she will pee away any excess. I give her about 1/2 cc a day. I don't know if it's working yet. She is due for a check up. She is also CRF.
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My Stripe had severe anemia with crf.
We did vitamins and procrit shots.
Stripe would also get blood transfusions.
Coco also had severe anemia in 2001.
Here is a link to some treatments.
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I would urge you to bring your questions to a group of people who, themselves, are dealing with and managing this disease in their cats already...in that group are also individuals with many years of experience. You will find them gathered here.
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Thanks for letting me know. I do belong to both the feline cancer and the feline anemia yahoo groups. Very helpful groups.
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