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Why does she chew cords?

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Keller is making me crazy with her cord chewing. She has chewed up my computer mouse, phone charger, air conditioner cord, t.v. cable...

Could it be her teeth bothering her? I have sprayed the bitter apple spray but that doesn't deter her. I have wrapped some of the cords but she still finds other things to chew on.
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She says you need to go wireless in your life, you're too tied down.

No idea why she would try so hard to find the unwrapped ones. All I can suggest it wrap as much as you can, go wireless where possible (mouse), charge stuff in the bathroom with the door shut, etc.

Have you actually tried looking at her teeth? How do they look?
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I really haven't looked, I just know how babies are when they teeth. I will check them out and continue to wrap the cords.
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I'm going to follow this thread... Genever, I have determined, is part puppy. I can only charge my phone at work or in the car or if I'm actually in the room near where I plug it in. Then there was the bra strap she chewed through... something about string-like things I guess.
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Comiserate with Toby, his Rikki his part labrador.
She has chewed cords, cables (some very expensive), shoelaces, socks, jeans, papers, you name it.
At least once a week he has something new to replace.
She's done it since she was a kitten, her sisters eventually stopped (mostly), but Rikki is a fiend.
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We have a cat that is seriously into chewing cords, but not just any cord, but particular rubbery kind of ones. We've gone through several phone adapters, and other various household cords.

We've also tried the spray, but it actually attracted her to the cords (which I don't understand!). How old is your kitty? Ours chewed mostly when she was a kitten (tho she's still not to be trusted) which I think was due to teething (I'm hoping this is the case for you too!). We got ours a rubbery (same kind of rubbery as the cords she was chewing) dog toy, and that seemed to help (not that we ever saw her chewing it..). Maybe that would work? Also, apparently teething cats like to chew on wool? Sheepskin rug (we have two which ours love for comfort and warmth, but maybe it's also for chewing?)

Obviously that's probably not an option for you, which sucks. Wrapping or that cord tidy thing (where it wraps several cords in a thick plaster cover) might work for you though? Could you possibly run your cords across the ceiling or up a wall?
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Does Kelly chew cords while you're away, or only while your home? One of our cats learned that he could get instant attention when he chewed wires. So it could be an attention-getting ploy.
post #8 of 15 i love her so...but my wallet surely doesn't :P

The latest thing that almost made me play Cat-apult with her is she chewed thru a Power Adapter cable for my recently purchased laptop. Fortunately it wasn't plugged in at the time. When my friends come over on Friday nights, the cats are banned from the room we gather in. Many a laptop is brought over which brings many opportunities for her to go on a chewing spree...which she's attempted on many occasions. So far no fatalities...both organic and non. Its already a standing rule in my apartment that if you take off your shoes to put them in the bathroom as that room is kept shut most of the time anyways...lest ye like buying replacement laces.

When i get paid, i'm going to give this a try...see if it helps.

Price isn't that bad...bout $6 for about 6 feet of the various gauges.

if this works it'll be heck of a lot more cheaper for me than to go thru can o cat deterent spray or bitter apple which only delays the inevitable.

The site has a couple links there on why some cats and other various animals chew on things like cables. Pica is one possible reason...need for something non-organic in thier diet to chew on. Says Feline Luekemia is another reason why...not sure exactly how though. Boredom is another reason.

If anyone else has some solutions to this problem...i'm all ears/eyes.
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Aya is also a cord chewer. Went through 3 sets of headphones for my laptop plus one cellphone recharger before I located some covers for them. She still knaws on them though.

I think its boredom plus teething. She's not that removed from teh kitten stage.
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I have a couple cats that chew cords....I can't tell you how many they have severed, mostly power cords. They love the low voltage moving through the cord. I have put pepermint oil on the cord and they don't like the smell, and it works for a couple days. Good luck
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We have a rescue kitty who used to chew on everything. He's a "special" little guy - painfully anxious with a few other behavioral problems as well - but we finally put an end to this one, after a lot of frustration and expense.

Take a bar of soap (I used Ivory, because it's supposedly pure) and rub it firmly once or twice along the length any wires/cords/etc that the cat can get to. It took the better part of an afternoon to get all them all, but it was worth it. The next time we caught him trying to chew on something, he got a mouth full of soap (and reacted appropriately). He only tried a few more times (that we saw) and eventually stopped even trying. We haven't even re-soaped the cords and it's been about a year now without an incident.
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I use Bitter Apple on my cords. Lola has chewed up a few expensive items/cords. She doesn't chew the stuff with Bitter Apple smeared on them.
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Mattie chews cords. The other 2 kitties do too, but she's the worst. I've gone through 2 laptop charges ($60-80 each), among other things. She chewed our cable line. It's beyond frustrating (and scary).

We bought a bunch of wire conduit cover things and just wrapped the exposed wires with it. It's expensive but works really well. The bitter apple thing didn't work.
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thank god I'm not the only one, just don't know which of the two it is. Crittercord looks great. Must say I've spent over 200 replacing cords/stuff including cell phone chargers, usb cords, laptop cords and flat/curling irons. now that i think about it, it's more than 200!! lucky they're loved
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Soap eh? hmm...may have to try that out sometime.

Yeah...the bitter apple...both dogs and cats i've seen it work about 50% of the time...depends on the animal too. For my cats it only deters them for probably a few hours and they're right back to being where they shouldn't. hehe
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