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frodo's waist!

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so, my guys have been on an all canned diet since january and frodo has lost about 2 lbs so far. he is doing really great! he has about 3-4 more lbs to go. way to go frodo!!

here is a picture i took of him today, he has a waist!!

mom, enough with the pictures already!

i am just so excited! i just had to share
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Frodo is so cute! Conrats on your weight loss, Frodo!
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thanks! i will pass on the congratulations
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Good Job on the weightloss!
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Look at that figure!! Frodo looks great! Very handsome boy indeed. Good job on the 2lbs weight lose, to both of you, !
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thank you guys! he is getting more active as well so that will also help with his weight loss. now if i could only get him to stop meowing at 6 am each morning...
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Wow, 2 lbs in 4 months is great! Congrats to Frodo. I wish my guys would lose that kind of weight on an all-wet diet, but they seem to be losing at best 2 oz. / month.
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haha! i just have to make sure that he doesn't lose too much too fast. i think that they are safe to lose 1/2 lb a month. frodo is doing really well
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Frodo looks fantastic!

Quick questions though, both of mine could stand to lose a few pounds. Were they getting dry before you switched? Did you do it gradually? How did Frodo handle the change?
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my guys were eating 1/2 dry (orijen) and 1/2 canned (wellness) but then one day i just took the kibbles away. frodo is a kibble addict and while he does eat the canned no problem he hangs out around the ferret cage to catch whatever kibble he can! now my guys are eating 95% meat evo chicken and turkey since wellness costs too darn much now!
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