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Odd behaviour......Jealous Momma?

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I think Bellatrix is jealous with the attention the kittens get! If we bring them out the cupboard for social time she will grab them by the neck and attempt to drag them back to the cupboard ( she can't....she has never been able to carry any of her 11 babies at any stage) we relent and put them back and instead of fussing them or getting back in the nest she follows us back to the other room and sits down she seems to want to be with us but not have them there!
As soon as i go to visit them in their nest she butts directly between me and them and rubs her head against mine and wants fussing If one climbs into the flat bed i have outside the cupboard door and i sit down she comes and sits on me pushing at my hands till i stop stroking the kitten and stroke her, The Babies are 19 days now and with the last litter she was never like this but was definitly a lot less fussy by this stage.
Saying that though I do still get a Lot of kitten time when she's eating or asleep or i manage to shoo her and they are SOOOOOO cute ........they give kisses!! My Big soppy cat Ozzy who we lost on the road was the only other kitten i have known to offer kisses but they sit perfectly still with their faces pointing upwards till i lower my face then nudge my lips with their nose then just stare at me also they come for attention and kinda flop and snuggle towards me when i put my hand down! oh my gosh I think i want to keep them all !!
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Some of the mommas I foster get like that. It's just the "Me, Love ME" stage.
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I am lad this is normal Echo is already doing this if I go check on them she like nudges me like pet me you nutty person.
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Ya, I think it's pretty normal, I've also had some fosters that did that- they just don't like it that the kittens get all the attention
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With the litters I have had and will have in the future, it is a MUST rule for everyone going in to the see the babies to pay the mom much attention and give love FIRST before the kittens. I always talk to the moms and tell them that they are a great mommy and her babies are beautiful. Now I know they don't understand english, but it's the tone that is used that they understand. Another way to not make her feel jealous is to distract her by topping up her food and give fresh water. While she is getting some nourishment, be with the kittens. She'll know it's all good
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