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Toilet seat -opinions wanted! litter kwitter training

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Hi there,
I'v decided to try toilet traing Pipsi & Zig with Litter Kwitter, early stages so far but I'm hopeful!
The thing is, it just so happens I need a new toilet seat and when I was looking in my local hardware store I came across this:

it's for households with small children but it struck me that the smaller seat would be ideal for cats as the hole is smaller so they wont feel so vunerable as balancing over a large hole and there's more seat for them to balance on. The larger seat has a bit of a lip inside which might actually hold the kwitter inserts too (the measurements seem right but I've not taken an insert to the shop to try it yet) I would appreciate hearing all opinions on this - positive and negative - to help me decide whether to buy it.

By the way, the small seat is hinged and magnetised to fit snugly into the moulded lid so it would be comfortable for non-felines too!

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Don't see why it wouldn't work, though mine had no trouble balancing on the normal seat width.

Good luck with your training
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Please let us know how training two cats goes for you. I tried to train mine but I didn't do it at the right time for us. I'm going to try again someday.
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I have been In a few big arguments over this idea. I was not for it, it seemed uncomfortable and not natural to me. Then a few people convinced me that it is not bad if the cat can do it and seem to like having there stuff float off. My point was that as my cat got older she could no longer of ballanced on the seat and I would have had to of trained her to use a litter box in her last year. I can only imagine than that would of been a mess and stressful.

good luck
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While some have had success (not me); I object to it for a few main reasons.

1. You cannot monitor how much they are peeing or not peeing. And you cannot check the poop for worms or other problems.

2. What if you go somewhere else and your cats cannot have access to a toilet - will they still use the pan.

Friends of mine had taught their Oci's to use it, but the cats would only pee when the owners were home to watch; and because the male got a UTI from holding back so much, they had to switch back to normal litter pans.

IMO its not hard to keep a pan scooped each day and IMO its a lot healthier to be able to monitor your cat.

Good luck in your trying.
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I dont mind scooping, my main problem is that we have a small house with no place that is really suitable for a litter tray, I dont like having them in the kitchen for hygene reasons (and no really suitable spot) and our bathroom has the smallest floor space in the world! when I came across Litter Kwitter in the pet shop it seemed an obvious thing to try However, if I think my cats are finding it stressfull I'll stop immediately. Once (if!!) they're trained, the plan is to put a tray down occasioally for them to use as they're going to have to use one when they go to the cattery (I'm not prepared to give up holidays for toilet trained cats!) so they wont forget how to use one - though I believe thats unlikely anyway. As for monitoring their toilet, all I can say is: I'm not planning on teaching them to use the flush

Thanks for the good wishes, I'll keep you informed how I get on and if anyone has any tips for me I'd be very grateful
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