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I got promoted!!

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I got promoted yesterday to assistant manager. I was interviewed for the position by our old district manager about 4-5 months ago and then the company decided our store doesn't need an assistant manager.

Last week, they decided they want an assistant manager in case the manager leaves. Our district manager told me she was going to come and interview me at some point in May. Yesterday she called and talked to the manager of the store and told her to give me the position. I was a little confused by that since I have only met our district manager once and it was during inventory. She has never actually seen me working in the store. Not that I'm complaining.

I got a raise and in 3 months, I will have benefits.
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Congratulations! You must have been doing something right.
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Congratulations on the promotion!!
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Congrats!! It's always best when the "higher ups" know you are doing a great job!!
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Con"CAT"ulations!...... very good for you !

My best wishes to you for this position!
for a good settle the firts days on it!..
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Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Especially when things are so tough for so many, it's great to know something wonderful is happening to someone who I'm sure deserves it!

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Congrats! Benefits...
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