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Whiney Kitty

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My 11 year old kitty is driving us crazy!!! One of our kitties now eats in a separate room due to needing to be on Prescription Diet CD. The jealousy is killing my older kitty. She eats her food downstairs (all of it), then runs upstairs to see if the other has anything left. She even figured out how to open up the cabinet door and ripped open the bag of food! Also, she's never happy... when she's out, she wants to be in... when she's in, she wants to be out. Lots of whining involved. I feel terrible for her because she seems so miserable, but I really know it's just jealousy. We've worked on giving her "extra" attention (believe me, she was already spoiled), but still she whines. She's also taken to scratching on the carpet and furniture to get her point across. Any suggestions on how to get her through this phase (and quickly!!!)?

Thanks, Summer
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Hi Summer,

When was the last time your 11 year-old saw the vet? If it's been a while, then I might suggest that it's time for the vet to do bloodwork and urine labs along with a thorough physical exam including teeth and gums.

Any time behavior changes, especially in an older cat, the first thing to do is rule out health issues. Once health problems are ruled out, we can then start on finding out what the problems are and how to successfully fix them.

Which bag of food is this kitty ripping into, the CD or other? Are there other behavioral changes? Is she grooming, pottying, drinking and eating all normally other than racing up to get the other kitty's food and being whiney? How does her fur coat look? Has she been sleeping more or less than normal? Is she as loving or playful as she has always been? Do you notice anything different about her movement, is she walking, running, stretching all normally? Does she have an odor, or bad breath?

The answers to these questions (along with the lab results and your vet's examination findings) will help you and your vet determine the cause of this changed behavior and if it is health-related, then he can help you devise a treatment plan.

If it isn't health-related, then we can work on helping you to find a solution that works for you.

Let me know, I am here to help,

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Thanks so much for your lengthy reply! Smokey has been to the vet a few times this year actually, as she has chronic liver disease (her food is Prescription Diet LD, diagnosed about a year ago). Her fur is still beautiful, however she recently had a very mild skin condition that our vet gave a prescription for, which got rid of it (couldn't give her cortisone due to the liver disease). Her gums appear fine (the vet gradually pulled all her teeth as of a couple of years ago due to a bacterial problem that was eroding her roots).

Regarding the food, she initially ripped into the CD bag (she continues to try to open the cabinet door where it's located), but this morning I discovered some claw rips in her own bag, which was on top of the dryer. Yes, she is drinking, eating, and pottying normally. No odor, no bad breath. She doesn't initiate love quite as much as she did before the (assumed) jealousy, but she's just as loving when we initiate with her. She still sleeps on the bed with us, but not as much on me as she used to.

Another change, which occurred right about the same time as Mr. Grey going on CD and eating in a separate room (which he loves, by the way), was the adoption of a 1-2 year old male (we neutered soon after) into our house. So, you pair Mr. Grey suddenly receiving special attention, and a new cat... that can be a bit much for a "queen" kitty set in her ways.

Any additional advice you can give is very much appreciated!

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Hi Again, Summer -

I really don't know a lot about liver disease in cats, so I am hoping that someone with more experience comes along...

As for the behavior, I think it is a safe bet that your kitties are still finding their places in your home. I know what you mean about the "queen kitty" *smile* I had one of those too when I first rescued my neighbor's cat and he came here - my "queen kitty" was not at all happy about it! Siamese can be so expressive sometimes, and my cat had a look that told anyone who cared to glance at her how she felt about it! *grin*

It sounds like some time and patience will be the cure in this instance. Any time you introduce a new cat into the home, or if you change routines, cats can become a little stressed. They are such creatures of habit and routine and dislike change. Stress does wierd things with the blood sugar in a cat...maybe just a little more extra-special time and attention from you is just the thing Smokey needs.

Keep us posted, and best of luck,

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The new kitty's could be playing a roll in the whole thing. With the liver disease, it is just possible that she is just very hungry. Usually cats with liver disease are missing quite a bit of protein. You didn't say in your post, but hyperthyroidism is also very common in cats with liver disease. They tend to be hungry all the time. You may want to ask the vet about increasing the amount of protien she gets per day.
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Yes, I remember now that the vet said her thyroid could become an issue one day. I'll call and ask about that.

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All of your positive thoughts must have worked their way to Smokey! Although she still acts as if she hasn't eaten in days and can't wait until her next meal, the whining has stopped (for the most part), and she's seeming like her old self again. Thanks so much for all the input!

Happy Cat Owner,
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I hope she continues to improve for you. It's possible the appetite has something to do with her liver disease.
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