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My poor Jordan.

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As if all the medical issues & now cataracts Jordan has aren't enough. The small hematoma he had in his ear has gotten bigger. His little ear is starting to crimple up. He needs to have a follow up blood test (again) sometime next week, so I'll have to see what she says about his ear. I just feel bad for him because he's such a sweet guy & so full of life but his medical problems seem to never end.
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Poor Jordan. He has been through so much.

Have you talked to the vet already on how it will be treated? Will they have to remove the ear or part of it?

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At first it was small and the vet thought it was not worth treatment. Otherwise I believe they open the swollen part of the ear & do something to stop the bleeding. Then they stitch the ear until it heals. The ear usually never looks the same again, which bothers me less than the idea that he might be in pain.
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Oh the poor baby Lots of healthy coming for Jordan
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Poor sweet Jordan. Plenty of love, kisses and for the sweetheart.
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Thanks everyone. It is nice to have somewhere to come talk about all his problems. My Mom insists he's just messing with me and my sister insists I'm to paranoid. I do agree that he gets himself worked up when he goes to the vets office, but I hate when he doesn't eat. I will have to call the vet, but I hate the idea of him having to have surgery on that ear. I don't know what the right thing to do is, do I risk surgery, or do I just let his ear heal it's self? It wasn't painful at all when it was small, now it seems to be bothering him a little bit more.
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