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Revolution Q

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I used Revolution tonight for the first time and a few minutes after I applied it, I totally forgot it was on and kissed Samon near the spot of application. Had an awful alcohol taste and I immediately washed my lips and rinsed out my mouth.
Are there any human side effects with this kind of minimal exposure?
It says for human ingestion, contact a doctor, but I'm thinking that's more if someone swallows the whole vial.

This must happen all the time, especially with little kids, kissing pets all the time.

Has it happened to anyone else?
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As a vet tech I've gotten Revolution all over my hands, mouth, and even in my eyes once. I've never had any bad side effects, other than the taste, lol!

You should be fine. If you're sensitive to chemicals, you might notice a little irritation. But I wouldn't worry.
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Same here. We had a in/out hunting cat who we dosed all the time and she didn't like it one bit. Gotten that stuff all over me many a time with no ill effects.
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