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how would you handle this???

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Our neighbors across the street also own the company my husband works for. Yesterday the wife (also the person that does pay role) came up to my husband and said you have an awful lot of cats and I know you can't affored them. Then she went out about a her sister that started out with a few cats and ended up with 50.
This made me really really made. Number one we can afford them, number two if they were paying hubby what he deserved we would be having NO money problems at all!!!! ALSO! SNowwhite was at the house before we bought it and she is the reason for 6 of our cats! Three of our cats are from the tile place because they don't trap and fix and release!!! So that is where the 10 cats came for and moe and neo we saved from my parents house. I don't know what to do! I kind of what to right her a letter and explain that if we weren't doing what we are doing there would be MORE cats in the neighborhood and that we are not collecting them but trying to stop the stray cat problem in our neighborhood and AT HER BUSINESS!!!!!!! UGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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If it were me, I would just not do anything...if you want to write her a letter, that's fine, but personally, it is their problem anyway to complain about it...You have the right to have as many kitties as you want....soo, in a way it would be like walking in the snake pit, but it all depends on how these people would take it ya know? I am just saying what I would do though, but that is just me...others may have better ideas than me... I know it would aggrivate me too, but maybe your neighbor is just jealous that she doesn't have as many as you do....who knows?
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my advice, Ignore her. You are not brakeing any laws and what you do with your money is your own business. You dont have to explain yourself to her. If you try, it will probably be a frustraiting experience.
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I agree, it's none of her business what you do with your money, since you're not breaking any laws. Trying to explain could lead to a response from her, and you'll keep getting upset. She sounds like a busybody without a life, so it's best just to ignore her remarks.
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I agree, you don't have to explain yourself to her.
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I am with everyone, by explaining yourself to her it infers that she has the right to tell you how to live your life. She doesn't. I would just ignore her. Oh, and petting as many kitties as possible when she is around with a great big smile on your face might make you feel better too .

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Ditto...I agree with every one!

Just consider her as one of this people that have to stick their noses into other peoples business.

You don't have to explain/justify your actions to her!
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i guess i just won't say anything but it really burns me up!
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That's a tough one. Chances are directly saying something will only make things worse for you, so it's not worth it in the long run. It will probably just inflame the situation.

However, if you do do something, this is a quote I like a lot: "Revenge is a dish best served cold." Bwah ha ha ha . . . bide your time.
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It is so hard to ignore people that judge what you do. I really hate people who have to put others down to feel good about themselves.
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