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ok, more feeding advice for 6wk old kittens...(sorry)

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I'm sorry for the many posts on my new kittens. Wow, I can't believe I can be this paranoid. I thought I was bad when I got Kizzy. Apparantly not.


Quick history: got kittens on Thurs., they were 40 days old. They were not weaned, and were nursing + eating crap dry food.

Weighed them on May 7:
B1 = 21.9oz May 9: 22.5oz May 11: 23.1oz (with collar)
B2 = 20.9oz May 9: 20.1oz May 11: 20.1oz (with collar)

So my concern is B2. His weight today was taken with a collar on, whereas his previous weights had no collar. So if I weighed him without the collar, he would have lost weight again. We're looking at roughly 1oz loss in 4 days.

Eating: they have a bowl of kibble (Nutram Kitten, Taste of the Wild and Wellness Core....but they really like the WC and its all gone) that they can nibble on any time.

3-4x day, I offer wet food (kitten specific). They are eating maybe 2 tsp per feed (wet food mixed with water, or kitten milk). I did try syringe feeding them, and they ate 5CC's of milk at one feed.

They eat more food if I offer it via my finger. If I don't offer it on my finger they eat about 4 or 5 licks off the plate and that's it.

- I have tried mixing it with milk, without milk, with nothing.
- I have tried both warm and cold food.
- they have both been eating the kibble (again, not in any amount) mainly overnight.
- they do like Wellness (as in they will eat it off the plate...and show high interest in it...but it doesn't change the amount they are eating)
- I have been trying different brands... it doesn't change the amount, but whether they will eat it off a plate or off my finger.
- he is not dehydrated...he is playful, poops and pees, visibly in good health.


- at what age will a vet deworm a kitten? (I think that might be a problem... I have not seen worms, but I have seen what I believe to be eggs in the stool)

- should I keep mixing the wet with the Just Born milk for the added calories/fat/etc. (instead of water)

- they picked out the Wellness Core dry food the day I put it in there...I only put maybe 20 lil kibbles in, but they have shown they love it. I haven't put any more in because I was afraid of it upsetting their tummies. Since they will eat it, do you think it would be ok that I continue putting a few kibbles in their bowl?

- any other suggestions for getting them to eat more?

Thank you for your patience, I'm sorry to be so paranoid. These guys just look tiny and fragile compared to when Kizzy came to me at 4.5mos.
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Let me start with my babies are 22 days old and the biggest weighed in at 14.3 ounces--one of five kittens.

I believe you can worm at 6 weeks--at least the vet wormed a friend of mine's kittens last summer at 6 weeks.

I would definitely start with worming because it sounds like they are eating just fine.

I would mix with Just Born--extra calories can't hurt at this point.

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You can start worming kittens at 2 weeks the norm is every two weeks tell 12 weeks. When you get them from a geed breeder Or rescue.
To be honest I start at 6 weeks and do it every two weeks for 3 doses.
6 8 and 10 weeks I worm mom at the same time. then worm mom two more times after that.
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