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New here and need help with Smoky

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Hi! We have 2 kittens. Smoky is 10 months and we just got another kitten 2 weeks ago who is 9 weeks. Smoky has been having trouble eating for the last few days. I tried one of those stupid cheap flea things- sargeants- like the advantage. After I used it I noticed Smoky stopped eating as much so the other night I gave him a bath to wash it off and that seemed to help him as far as his mood. But now he's drooling alot. The only thing I used to bathe him was Joy dish det. like the shelter told us we could use on the kitty- figured that was mild enough. Plus I looked at his tongue this morning and the front 1/4 inch is red but the rest of his tongue is pink. So I know that's why he's not eating - his tongue is hurting.
So I got the idea this morning to puree his food and use a syringe to feed him. He seemed to like doing this too and I'm sure his tummy feels better for having food in it.
I'm trying to find a vet today that will take payment plans since right now we are very strapped for cash.
Does anyone have any advice they could offer to help Smoky- he is drinking water too by the way. What would be good to feed him-I just took canned this morning and pureed it down to liquid so I could get it into the syringe.
He's been acting fine- it's just his tongue hurting him so he won't eat.
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I think you are doing the right thing by trying to get him to the vet. I'm not sure about the eating or drinking though. I hope you kitty is okay and you can find a vet taht will be welling ot take payments.
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I agree, he needs to get to the vet.

Those *#!*@#!! OTC flea meds should be taken off the market! I've never used them as my kitties are indoors only and don't have fleas. However, just yesterday, a friend called me because her cat was having a severe reaction to those Hartz flea drops. She gave him a bath and took him to the vet right away. Poor little guy is doing a little better but is still at the vet today. It makes me very angry that these companies know their products can be harmful and still sell them to unsuspecting pet owners.

Sorry for the rant.
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Hartz has been sued because of the hundreds of cats that have died as a result of their flea treatment.

Regarding the 9 week old kitten, 9 weeks is very very young. I think this is probably too young to use any flea treatment. Please get the kitten to the vet right away and let us know what happens.
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PLEASE do not delay and get this kitten to a vet right now. Call the vet and tell them what happened and make payment arrangements but this little one is in dire straights and needs to be seen NOW! Please please go in-

Those damn flea products need to be pulled from the shelves as well as those flea collars. Toxic shock on kittens is not a good thing.
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How is your kitty doing? Hope he is recovering well. Yesterday I was at Walmart getting a few things and saw some people looking at those Hartz Flea Drops and I talked them out of getting it. I know they probably thought I was a nut case or something, but I cringe whenever I see someone looking at those things. Wish they would take them off the market if they are causing problems. Hope you kitty is doing ok!!
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Smoky is doing better. I couldn't get him in until today so we haven't seen the vet yet. The good news is he is doing better on his own. He's eating and drinking on his own again. It's his tongue that's causing him the trouble. It almost looks like he burnt the front of it. He's eaten 1/2 can of food this morning.

As far as the 9 week old kitten- I didn't put any on him even though the lady at shelter said it would be alright- and that's who recommended the sargeants brand to me- I've already called her and told her about Smoky's reaction to it. I only gave the 9 wk old Bandit by the way- a bath with Joy liquid det. The lady at the shelter said that would be alright for him to take care of fleas.
I'll let you know what the vet says when we get back.
Thanks for all your advise and well wishes. We really appreciate them.
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