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help scared mama!

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hi, i am concerned my baby was in the litter box today for a while, then when she got out, only a little pee was there... she's been going in and out of the bathroom, and i think she may be sick. i just noticed it today... and then my fiance came in the house today and she had pooped on the carpet under the coffee table in the living room, which she never does. i only have one cat and no experience, so please help. she is SO hard to get in the carrier that i dread taking her to the vet. a girl at work said she might have cryatalized something or other and that they can die from it please help

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She needs to go to the vet, today. Most likely it is a urinary tract infection and she is in A LOT of pain. If not treated early they can cause kidney infections.

She was probably trying to pee and accidentally pooped on the carpet from the straining to urinate.

Also she may have crystals in her urine which can cause a blockage. This is much more likely in a male cat and constitutes an emergency.

Please take your baby to the vet. If you tell them what is going on they will get you in. Hopefully it is not so late there you need to make an E-vet visit
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Go to the vet.
My Coco gets those a lot and if you do not stop Uti's they can go to the kidneys.
My Coco had struvite stones in her bladder with a infection.
The will get a urine test and maybe a culture.
They also can do a ultra sound.
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it's 7:12pm here, they're not open, and i cant get her in the carrier... ugh this is so frustrating, i'll call the emergency number in a little while and see what they tell me. i wish there was a traveling vet
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my appt is in a half hour, she will not go in, i am trying to force her into the carrier, she wiggles out of my control before i can get her in. i dont know what to do, i'm crying and shaking, i know she has a UTI... i might have to wait til tomorrow afternoon, ugh!
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Stand your carrier on it's back end and put kitty in from the top.

After you get home from this vet visit, leave the carrier out with the door open and a nice soft towel or blanket in the bottom. Let the cat get used to seeing it around and maybe even using it to sleep in - sort of like a little cave. It makes the carrier a lot less frightening and often easier to get the littles scoundrels into.

I hope you can get her to the vet and treated.
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Did you get her to the vet? How is she doing now?
Yosemite's right about the carrier. I leave mine out in the living room and the kitties love their cat cave. Sometimes I see two or three of them in it together. Of course, as soon as I put the door on they think it's time to play chase around the house.
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I hope you got her in the carrier and she went to the vet.

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Just best wishes that all went well - I understand the panicky feeling when they just won't get into the carrier.

I hope you can give us a good update soon.
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ok so here's an update. my fiance got her in when i wasn't home, it seems everyone can do it except me anyways, the doctor tried to get a urine sample but said her blatter was very small and flacid meaning she probably doesnt have a block since she's going at least a little at a time. he gave her pain med too. and said to clean out her litter box and put down this fake litter so when she peed i can get a sample. yeah that didnt work... instead she peed on the couch (good thing its leather, and it was barely any pee). SO i put back the litter. i called the vet to get his opinion, he said he would suggest bringing her in to stay for the day so they can get a urine sample to see if there is anything, or taking an x-ray (mucho dinero) to see if there's a block (which i dont think there is). so i said i'd bring her in, but i got home today and she had peed a decent amount in the litter box and pooped in it as well. (she had pooped on our rug in the living room if i hadnt mentioned that before, the dr said maybe cuz she was uncomfortable). soooo i'm debating on whether to save another $150 and see if she is getting better... since she is acting very normal... what do you guys think... i know money shouldn't be an issue but i'm just wondering if it's necessary...
thanks guys for the support, i just got paniky... she's my baby...
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If she has a UTI, then pain meds will not clear it up and she will need antibiotics or her condition will get much worse. If she is peeing, then you don't need the x-ray so that can save you some money. But I really recommend that you get her back in for a urinalysis. They can keep her there for a while and collect the urine, or some vets will extract it with a needle. Most vets prefer not to use the needle unless it is last resort.

I have a cat with chronic bladder issues. A good diagnosis is really important in case this occurs again, then you know what you are watching out for.
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ok thank you. i just saw a drop of pink fluid on the bathroom floor so i wiped her bum w/ a tissue and it was kind of brownish. i'm assuming she may have blood in the urine. the place i bring her to will not work with me with payment so it's just very hard when you don't have it, but i will bring her.
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They can give her fluids then get urine.
They cam alo do a ultra sound.
I have a cat that has had Uti"s for over 2 years.
The pink is blood in the urine.
Females do not block as often as males but they can still have crystals.
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The vet won't give you antibotics without a urine sample ? Its usually clavamox they give and it covers a variety of infections ?
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well she spent the day at the vet, they got a urine sample without giving her fluids and found out she has a uti, put her on antibiotics... he said i could opt out of the pricey urine culture at this time since its her first and we can see how she does on the antibiotics. my fiance has given her a couple doses so far, but we tend to need both people to hold on to her and make her take it. is that just how it is? or does anyone have any suggestions on how to give it to her without her scratching me up trying to hold on to her and get it under her tongue at the same time?
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Here's how I medicate my cats:

Have the antibiotics ready to administer. Kneel on the floor with your ankles crossed under your bottom. Place the cat between your thighs with her butt towards your ankles and her head facing away from your body. Hold her body steady with your thighs, but don't squeeze. If she tries to wiggle out, she can't back out because of your ankles, and can't wiggle out the side because of your thighs.

Assuming you are right handed: Have the liquid ready to inject. Place the palm of your hand on the top of her head and open her mouth slightly by putting your thumb on one side of her mouth and your fingers on the other. Place the dropper in her mouth on an angle from the right. She won't necessarily see it coming. Once done, place your right hand on her throat and tilt her head slightly upwards, petting her throat until she swallows. I then kiss the top of their heads over and over again, telling them that they are good boys, and they seem to relax from that.

I have 2 cats to pill on a regular basis. I just get the pills ready, walk up to the cat from behind and kneel on top of them. I have this down to a 5 second drill.
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