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How many shows should Cleo go to?

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I have not asked anyone how many shows I should put Cleo in yet.
How many shows should I go to in the show season?
I already got yelled at because I said I doubt I can go to the Reno shows.
The problem is Coco she has alot of Meds for Crf and other problems.

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However many you want

We have 2 sometimes 3 a month, I only do 1 sometimes 2 because that's all I want to do.

Coco has to take priority, so do what you can.
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I can go to all the shows within 3 hours from here because we can come home and give Coco her meds.
I can do the TICA show in Oct.
It is a 3 days show and is in Lodi.
I can do at least 1 CFA show a month after August.
In June and July there are no shows close enough to here unless I stay overnight.

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Go to as many as you can afford and willing to drive to. Your other cat's health is more important then showing, so if it limits your time away, then don't worry about it.

I only get to 2 CFA shows (locally) but can do about 6 or 7 ACFA ones. We are willing to drive up to 6 hrs to get to a show.

We usually go for about one a month, but it winds up maybe 2 a month and then a break of 2-3 months before another show is available.
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I can do one TICA show in Oct.
I can do a lot of CFA shows that are within 3 hours from here.
Reno is about 4 hours.

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You are lucky to have a lot of CFA shows available. Its hard when you only have 2 of them and the judges will ignore you - I'm lucky to get one or two finals at a CFA show since I don't attend very many shows.

Will be interesting when I get Jackie to CFA shows - they like the chocolates better. But a lot of East Coast breeders are working on getting the non-chocolate Oci's out in the show rings to show the judges they do come in more then the one flavor!

BTW your friend with the Oci's has emailed me, so I'm helping her out.
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Thanks for helping her.
I met her in a CFA Newbee group.
My Cleo is more for TICA so it was a surprise when she made the finals in CFA.
I hope Jack does good in CFA.
I am going to try TICA even though I can go to only a few shows.
I think the chocolate Oci was the one winning at the last show.
I will see if any Oci's won on Sat when the results come out on Thursday.
There were 5 Oci's there 4 kittens and 1 championship.
2 chocolates
2 Tawny and 1 Cinnamon.
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Really just depends on time and money when deciding what shows to go to.

Last weekend was a disaster for Zee, not one final. It really has me doubting I will show him again. I felt like the nakeds got totally ignored. I was told by a few breeders that our region has judges that prefer not to final Sphynx cats and really dont know how to judge them...dont know how true that is.

It was a long day for nothing and to make it all worse one of my beloved old rat men passed away on Mothers Day
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So sorry about your rat Anita.
Sorry Zee did not do well.
Was it CFA or TICA you showed in?
What does Zees breeder say about him not making finals?
If the breeder thinks he can do well keep showing him.
I heard one of the CFA judges is going to TICA.
Where there in other sphynx in Zees class?
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His breeder said he may have grown just a bit to much fuzz on his tail *sigh* He is a beautiful cat despite that fuzz LOL

It was a CFA show and there were no other Sphynx kittens, making it even worse I think. I thought I might try him as an adult in August, I dont know.
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Cleo has less fur on her ears now for some reason.
Do you have any new pictures of Zee.
Cleo did not final in her first show.
I almost did not show Cleo.
He can go for his Winners Ribbons in August.
Cleo got hers last weekend and made 2 finals.
I know how you feel.
I felt the same way before.
I plan on getting a show quality sphynx this year.
I have no idea where from yet.
It depends who has good quality kittens then.
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We are in MN and Sphynx final a lot in both ACFA and CFA around here. I would show him at a few more shows before you decided any thing. Charlie would be lucky to get one or two finals in an CFA show, but he granded in ACFA (they liked him a lot).

Charlie was 9 pts shy of Grand in CFA when his show career was over.
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