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Car dents

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What a pain.

So, I've had my current car for 2 years. It's a 2007 Silver Infiniti G35 sedan. About a week after I bought it, I had a dent on the gas inlet cover. Who knows how it got there. It annoyed me, but eventually I got over it.

Then today I find a rather large dent on the rear left door. I figure somebody let a shopping cart slam into my car.

With all the expenditures lately, I didn't want to spend money to get it fixed, so I turned to the online world for DIY advice.

I found a neat trick that semi-works. I let the car sit in the Florida summer sun (yeah, technically it's spring, but here we always have summer, just in different levels of severity). After it heated up quite a bit, I applied dry ice to the dent. The idea is that the rapid temperature decrease causes the metal to contract, pulling the dented metal back to its original state (flush with the other metal). It kind of worked... the dent is only 30% its original size. I could have gone all the way, repeating the procedure, but I noticed a negative effect not mentioned online (and that I feared might happen). The paint underneath the clear coat shriveled up slightly, making it appear that the area has a series of smal scratches, when in fact there are no external scratches.

So, I'm a little peeved about that now. That's fixable too DIY by sanding down the area and then repainting. I decided to cut my losses and will just live with the perceived scratches.

I guess the moral of the story is that car dents and scratches make me mad.
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My ex boyfriend used a toilet plunger, I don't know how easy that is though.
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with some door panel dents you can take off the interior pieces and push the dents back out some.

I know how you feel, my car got hit in the walmart parking lot. We tried one of the dent repair kits they sell at stores and it got it around 40% out but its still there and it still drives me crazy!
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Originally Posted by kscatlady View Post
My ex boyfriend used a toilet plunger,
That would be my first thought too.
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lol it happens, especially here in south florida
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It's frustrating - what I love about my 'old' Saturn is that it has the plastic side panels - shopping cars just bounce off! But so annoying to have these dents, etc., 'appear', when you take care of a car, and so expensive to fix!
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