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Will she forget me?

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Some of you may have read my thread in the Cat Lounge about me flying back to Pennsylvania to be with my dad who's not doing well... I have no idea how long I'll be here, and I was really missing my cat Genever (and my boyfriend) last night and I thought, what if she forgets who I am?? She's a super sociable cat anyway and would probably love me even if she had to 'meet' me all over again, but that would make me so sad! BF said last night that she seems to really miss me, but how long will that last til she forgets about me?

My cat Polly who's here at my mom's house and who I've lived with for 13 years I think forgot who i am after moving 2 years ago and visiting maybe twice a year, but she's ok with me. She still purrs. And snores.
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Can't say for sure but I doubt she'll forget you quickly if at all.

I'm pretty sure Frankie has a very long memory. It was pretty sweet, I was on vacation with my family last year and DH couldn't be there the whole time. When I called him at night he would put the phone on speaker so Frankie could hear me. He said that when she did, she would look at the phone and purr. On the other hand, I'm sure she also remembers my brother and she's never lived with him. When I was living at home he was over and spent a good hour chasing her around the house trying to get her to play. She wasn't in the mood and to this day, she snubs him and occasionally hisses at him even when he's done nothing to provoke her. I think she remembers what he did that day 8+ years ago.
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They don't forget that quickly. My family's pets never forgot me even after a two-year absence, and my own pets have always recognized me immediately after a 5 or 6-week absence.
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OK good. She's such a sweetie anyway, like i said, and would relearn who i am if she had to, but it's nicer to know that she will remember me and be happy to see me whenever i end up getting back.

At least I know she's in good hands with her daddy.
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She'll remember you, don't worry.

Be prepared in case she's ticked off that you were away, though. My kitty Jack is my best buddy and we adore each other, but if I'm away for a few days he gives me the cold shoulder as punishment for leaving him.
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She won't forget you! But, as jenwaless said, she may not be thrilled with you when you get back home. I had to leave my cat for a while during the Thanksgiving/Chritmas holidays, and I expected a stellar reunion of happyness and purrs. I did get that, for about a second before she remembered that she was POed at me for leaving.
Doesn't mean she doesn't love you, quite the opposite!
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