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Someone walked off with my boyfriend's mom's cat!

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I knew it was bound to happen. Tom one of my boyfriend's mom's cats (a foster who became a forever) has gone missing. He has neurological problems and doesn't walk too well but LOVES to be outside so who were we to stop him from what he loved?

Well we're pretty sure someone walked off with him. He never went farther than the house across the street, he loved to play with their 16 year old Siamese. The neighbors say he hasn't been over there in about a week. No sign of him here either. I just keep telling my self that maybe he's happier there.
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Have you done anything to find him? Flyers, local shelters... anything? Was he chipped? I hate to think that someone just stole him. I hope he's safe and sound where ever he is.
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Sadly Dave's mom just tells herself he's in a good home, and that he's happy and she just moves on. It's just weird to me.

Last summer some neighbors picked up what they thought was an abandoned cat, but one day they walked passed our house and saw another cat just like her. They stopped and asked if the cat they "found" was hers and she said yeah but if she was happy there they could keep her. She's now a strictly fat indoor cat.

Almost all of her cats started as fosters and ended up not getting adopted.

Long story short nope, she hasn't done anything.
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What a shame. Not to down talk his mom but I don't get how any responsible pet owner can just sit and not do anything when their beloved pet is missing. I remember when I was younger we had in indoor/outdoor cat and I found a neighbor boy stalking Sam through our yard. Sam never woare a collar but we lived in a small private subdivision and he never went far. Well, I asked the boy what he was doing. He said his dad told him he could keep the cat if he could catch it! Way to go repsponsible parenting. Anyway, I politely informed the boy that he could NOT keep the cate because he was mine. Fortunately that was the end of it... it was also the end of my keeping outdoor cats.
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Well, his mom does have 18 cats, this is not counting the kitten fosters. He was also black. She has quite a few black ones because they are harder to adopt out.

It's weird to me to because she is one of the most responsible women I know, you've got to be pretty good to have 18+ cats and keep a clean house. I have a hard time keeping the basement apartment clean with my three, admittedly some of her cats come down here, and some of the fosters prefer it down here because the dogs don't come here but the majority of the cats stay upstairs in her house.
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