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my cat angel story part one

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hey guys got oreo and phoebe i had some cats that went to rainbow bridge well thought share cat with you okay my cat had was group of
orphan kittens their poor little mother was hit by a car so anyway
me and little brother save them aand took care of them well three of
die of old fourth one name tiger die when i was 7 and my little was
4 at time we didn't know cats hate water well teenager told us cats
love to swim sorry we believe him we made the big and thought our
tiger could swim boy were we wrong well then tiger got real sick and
die and let tell we made cross and buried by her tree and we ask god
to forgive and never hurt other cats and also never the teenager agian
the second cat name tommy live it he about 8 years ,timmy live until
he was 8 years old he gave to friend who loves he and had grandaughter
she lost her cat so we gave timmy.third one which we kept we name
her cotton you guess she was white she about 10. then when die
i did'n't for couple years until one halloween my big brother suprise
me with cute little siamese furball i name fluffy and let at time
i didn't about cat getting fix well when fluffy had her first i had
to be with her to watch give birth to her little kittens,their name
were critter look like his mom the seocnd midnight the third shadow
the four one name sammy she born real sick and die before was even
a year old . later this week or next week will make part 2 of my story
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Those cats must have been very special to you. We never forget our childhood pets. Did you get my PM (personal message)? Just go to the Forum Jump at the bottom of the page, and click Personal Messages, which is near the top of the list.
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go head jeanie would i like to my cat story over paws thanks
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