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It may be lack of sleep but im thinking this is bad.

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ok last night I went to sleep and woke up at 3 am to Cali screaming her head off and the kittens crying, I went and looked and saw that guardian was carrying a kitten away! I made him let go of it and put it back in its box. wondering what was going on I sat and watched them for an hour and had to keep shooing guardian away from the box. along with trying to cart a kittten away, whenever cali gets up to eat he tries to cover the babies kinda like he covers his waste in the litterbox.I have to keep uncovering them. What is going on? Does he not like his kittens should I be on alert for him to harm them?
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he should have no access he can and may kill them

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I agree. I keep all the fosters and their mothers in cages for the first few weeks of life. Is your male neutered yet? is this in his near future? if not you need to invest in a large dog cage, I make shelves for them so the mom can get away from the kittens, get one big enough so that she can have a litter box in there, and the kittens in a box on the bottom, I sew towels together and use thick dowels to run them, either longways or shortways.

I'll have to get a good photograph of one of the cages and show you.
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Sorry, I agree with the OPs... need to keep Guardian away from Cali and the babies any way that you can. Even if he means well, he may end up hurting or killing one or more of them.
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Yeah. If the other cats are going well along with mom and kittens, and are accepted by mother, all is sweet and well. There are many examples of males helping to nurse the kittens. Even some studs are known to do it.

But if there is the slightest issue, or the mom protesting - you must keep them apart. Mom and kittens are always first in this connections.

It is not only the danger. But this unclear situation is very stressing for the mom - and she must be protected: her nursing may be affected negatively. And if the stress is high enough - SHE can harm the kittens.

Here the situation isnt desperate, we know Guardian is a very nice guy who surely means well.
But as the mom protests - separate him for time being.
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I was once cared for a cat and her kittens whose father came with them from a shelter. For the few weeks I kept the mother and kittens in large cage and allowed the father to see them daily for about 20 minutes. Once the kittens got to four weeks I introduced them to their daddy. The daddy was rough at times I monitored when he was around them and if he tried to hurt them I disciplined him and took him away from the kittens.
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Limit Guardian's access to the kittens for at least 4 weeks. Once the kittens are four weeks old you have give Guardian more access to them but monitor them closely and if he tries to harm a kitten discpline him.
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