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Mr. Spock... pooping again!

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Okay so, I need some help. I've read just about all I can read here on litter-box issues and all that. I'm at my wit's end really. My husband and I love Mr. Spock so much. He was our first baby. But no matter what I do, he keeps pooping BESIDE the litter box (thank goodness we have tile floors, not carpet). I scoop the box once a day. Occasionally I forget, so when he does it then, I forgive him. It's my fault for not cleaning it when I should've. But lately, it's been happening even when I DO scoop it every day. I thought it was just that he prefers an extremely clean litter box, but now I'm not so sure. It got better for a while, but now he's back at it. Do you have any suggestions for me? I've tried everything I can think of; changing litter types, changing boxes, vet visits (clean bill of health), using a deodorizer; I'm just not sure what else to do. Our other baby, Saki, has no problem using it. Mr. Spock has always had this problem, but not quite this bad. Any suggestions? I'm so frustrated!
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Have you tried adding more boxes? Some cats won't pee and poop in the same place, since you have other cats you may need 3-4 boxes.
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I have two cats, three boxes - because my boy is the, ah, fussy one. I also use Cat Attract litter. Since you got a clean bill of health, recently, I'd really try with a few more boxes and maybe offer a few litters, at the same time, to see if any are a definite favorites. Heck, with my boy, I had to play with depth of litter. Turns out he likes less rather than more. I also have to religiously scoop at least twice a day - I swear sometimes he waits for me so I can clean before he uses any of the boxes! He also usually won't pee where he poo'd.

My girl, on the other hand, was totally happy with just one box.
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Some good advice given by the other members....

First and foremost - health - when the vet checked him what was he checked for? Was he checked for enlarged anal glands? Constipation or a blockage? These may be things for you to get checked out...many cats poop outside the litterbox when one of these things are taking place. My cat was severley constipated and would poop outside the litterbox. Same thing when she had enlarged anal glands. Something for you to consider....

Where is the litterbox located? In a quiet, private area. Cats really like their privacy. What type of litter are you using? He may have decided he does not like to poop in it any longer (may be hurting his bum)? Some people have been succesful with placing one or two extra litterboxes placed around with different types of litters in each box. Or try putting newspaper or training pads inside one litterbox to see if he may prefer something softer to poop may be something as simple as this. Please don't give up....poop is easily cleaned up on cement...
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Thanks for all the replies. I'm still considering options. I need to take him to the vet again I guess. It's been a few months. Maybe something else is going on. Thanks again!
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How many litter boxes do you have? Where are they located? What kind of litter do you use? Is he de-clawed?
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Originally Posted by Willowy View Post
How many litter boxes do you have? Where are they located? What kind of litter do you use? Is he de-clawed?
One box; we've tried two, but it doesn't seem to make a difference. Also, we have only 2 cats, even tho the profile shows three. Checkers passed away a while ago
The box is located in our bathroom, underneath a shelf in a linen closet. Kind of hard to explain. The closet has no doors, it's just like, a cubby hole with shelves in the bathroom. There are long curtains hanging to hide it. We have a very small house, so it's the only place we can keep it without it being like, in the middle of the house.
I use Fresh Step. We've tried different types of litter, but none seem to make much of a difference. He actually prefers this one from what I can see. And no, he is not de-clawed. He is fixed btw.
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Hmmm, he might not like the enclosed feeling of having the box under the cabinet. Any possibility of putting it somewhere out in the open? Maybe in the bathtub/shower stall (except when bathing, of course )? You could also try putting puppy pads down; some cats prefer those for some reason. I would suggest putting another box RIGHT NEXT to the existing box, but it doesn't sound like there's room.
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