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Fargo's Show Results

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We got home about 8:30pm, so no pictures, but will bug hubby to get them downloaded for me. We took a few at the show.

Jackie kicked the show! Was a small show, but quality of kittens was there - every judge mentioned that.


two 9th Best Kitten Allbreed
one 4th Best Kitten Allbreed
one 2 Best Kitten Specialty


two 3rd Best Kitten Allbreed
one BEST Kitten Specialty
one BEST Kitten Allbreed!!!!!!!!!!!!

Most comments were great contrast, great color, very nice head/ear set and very good muscle development.

I did get a great shot of his Best Kitten Allbreed, so will post that one.

Nice way to start of the new show season. Now if he does close to that again in the next 2 kitten shows, we should get a nice Regional and National win this season.
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Congratulations! Looks like you and Jackie are off to a great start.
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Congrats on the Wins
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Wow!!! Congrats!
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Excellent, congratulations
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Woohoo Martice! Lots of good results this weekend - go Jack, Tales & Cleo!
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6 finals including a best allbreed kitten! Now, that is a good start.

Way to go Jack!
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EIGHT finals Nial - every ring - go back and read (he got TWO 9th best on Saturday and TWO 3rds on Sunday....

I don't think Charlie has done that - his best show was a 7 out of 8 I believe.
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Originally Posted by GoldenKitty45 View Post
EIGHT finals Nial - every ring - go back and read (he got TWO 9th best on Saturday and TWO 3rds on Sunday....

I don't think Charlie has done that - his best show was a 7 out of 8 I believe.
ooops! Eight, even better.
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The only other cat I've owned that got finals in all rings was my Spooky (Cornish Rex) - many times he cleaned up at shows and finaled in every ring - he was my best show cat. Got kitten awards and alter awards. The best year was a 10th Best Alter Nationally - but for about 5 yrs he got regional and national/breed awards.
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Martice I am glad Jack did well.
I told some one you can help them.
They showed Oci's at the Fresno show.
She is showing a chocolate and a cinnamon spotted Oci.
This is her post from last month.
I am at a loss because my breeder hasn't been in contact with me and I had few
questions and...well...I am starting to feel real concern that the kittens are
not getting the right conditioning.

As a last ditch effort I'm taking the kittens to the vet again to ask some
questions about them but I don't think the vet is going to be able to help as
much as someone who knows about Ocicats. *sigh* I don't want to be embarrassed
at the show.
I feel awkward/embarrassed talking with the
breeder to get advice. That sounds strange, but I don't want to bug her, she's
busy and I hate to bug her.

The sad part is she was embarrassed.
Urm, well my boys were extremely frightened so they didn't show to their best
ability. Being huge fluffballs doesn't make sleek coats look very nice. Â They
are also just 4 months now so they couldn't stand up against the mature kittens,
even if they weren't showing off their mohawks. Â
> I'm not sure what to do now. Â Take them out every day to get them used to
activities? Â They are very timid Ocicats and don't really like hanging out with
us humans at home. Â I feel a little embarrassed that they were not better
transitioned to the show, but I did the best I could with what I've got. Â We'll
see what happens at the next show.
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Tell her not to worry too much - many 4 month old kittens are that way - have no idea what is going on.

The owner needs to get her Oci boys out in public a lot more and at home, they should be handled by a lot of people - friends/family.

If they are too isolated (any show cat) at home and not used to being handled by people other then the owner or vet, then they will not make good show cats. You almost have to work with them at least 3-4 times a week in "show handling" on a small coffee table that would resemble the judging table. She should stretch them out, play with a kitty teaser toy (various sparkle, ball, feather) and get them to play on the table.

Just curious as to what cattery they are out of?

And how long have they had the kittens? We had Jack since beginning of March - his first show with us was supposed to be beginning of April but ended up end of April - so we had a month and a half to get him used to us, the other cats/dogs, and to practice show handling.
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I will pm you the cattery and post part of your reply on the cfa newbee site for her.
I did not get to meet this person at the show.

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Way to go, Jack! How many more kitten shows does he have before he starts competing as an adult?
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Two more - this coming weekend and the last weekend in May - all his kitten shows are in May. He had one in April, but it won't qualify him for anything region wise, so it was more/less practice in the show ring. He did get one final there and 3 honorable mentions from judges who would have liked to use him in finals.

But the last weekend in April is end of the season - its "blood bath" for campaigners, so I didn't expect anything.
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What sort of numbers are a small show for you?
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This was a pretty small show - about 90 cats (because they had to reschedule from April, many people that would have been there, could not reschedule due to work). Normally we get about 150 cats.

And we found out that some people only go to 2 shows during a season so they can qualify for Regional wins only.
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That would be a small show here too. One of the clubs I'm involved in (Longhair only) gets about 120 - which is one of our smallest shows, mostly PER & EXO! It doesn't matter how small though, that's still awesome!
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Congrats to you and Jack! Sounds like he had a great show. I am planning to come to this weekend's show, so I hope to meet you and Jack in person. I am very excited to see all the cats!
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