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Happy 1st Gotcha Day Annie!

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One year ago (May 11th) on Mother's Day, I was up at a rifle match in the middle of the national forest and a small cat made her way into the stat house where I was working. Through a group effort of the men at the match (one "happened" to have cat food in his truck, another emptied a box for her to come down the mountain in, another loaned me a shirt so she would be comfy in her box), she was fed and given water and I brought her down to Denver. She was so dirty, so skinny, had ticks, was slightly anemic, and of course wasn't spayed. Poor little girl! The vets said she was at least 6 months old since she had all of her adult teeth, and we don't think she was much older than that.

She was supposed to be a foster. That didn't last too long.

She taught us that the cuter they are, the naughtier they are. And she could get away with it too!

And now, she's all grown up but still a itty bitty baby girl. Our Itty Bitty Baby Girl.

A very happy Annie!

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I've been waiting for this thread! You may have posted all of them before, but the snuggler pics I haven't seen.


WHAT an adorable little girl. Of course it was a "failed" foster!

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Thanks Laurie! I've posted most of them, but not all. I know I haven't posted the 2nd and 3rd from the bottom, since those were just taken. But I couldn't resist her smile-picture again.
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And that is QUITE the smile!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Annie definitely wins "The Cheshire Cat" grin contest!

I love the little black dots on her nosie.

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Awwww Annie, I remember when you were rescued from the woods.

When you think about where she was, it takes your breath away to know, you were at the right place, at the right time, to get her, otherwise, she wouldnt have made it.

That pic of her laying on your shoulder is precious beyond words.

Happy Gotcha Day Beautiful wild girl
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Oh just look at her.....
under your loving care, Annie has thrived.

Happy Gotcha Day sweet Annie.
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Happy Gotcha Day, Annie, you gorgeous girl, you. May you enjoy your life as a pampered cat! She's got the sweetest smile. I would let her do whatever she wants.
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I absolutely LOVE that last picture of her - what a happy kitty smile that is! Contentment, she haz it!

Happy Gotcha Day!
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Happy Gotcha Day Annie!!
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Happy Gotcha Day Annie!

I remember when you rescued her too! Poor little thing. But it was fate that you were both there at the right time and right place to find each other! It was definitely meant to be
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Happy Gotcha Day Annie!!!!
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Aww...Happy Gotcha Day sweetie!
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Thanks everyone!

Annie had a good Gotcha Day. She got some tuna juice from Daddy's lunch, and then some milk (from Daddy too...and he says I spoil them! ), and she got lots and lots of lovin's.

This weekend we'll get them all some special wet food (they just get it as a treat), and some new toys since I get paid Friday. Our next kitty celebration isn't until July (Trent's birthday - the only one we actually know), and then September for Ginger Cookie's Gotcha Day, two Gotcha Days in the first week of October for Ophelia and Trent, and then a December Gotcha Day for Mojo.
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Happy belated Gotcha day!
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Happy belated gotcha day to Annie from me too!
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Look how she has thrived in the past year.

Happy belated Gotcha Day Annie!
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Has it been a year already? Happy Belated Gotcha Day, Annie!
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