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Help my Cat keeps Vomiting

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Hey people,

I had a 1.5 year old cat and she keeps vomiting.
I have changed her food over several times to see if it makes any difference and had no luck..
ANy suggestions?
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Is your cat strictly indoors, or does she go outside? If she's allowed outdoors, it's possible she ate something that was toxic or poisonous. You should get her to the vet ASAP.

Even if she's an indoor-only cat, you still need to rule out the possibility she got into something poisonous - for example, household cleaners, plants, medicines, etc.

How long has she been vomiting? Has she kept anything down at all in the last 48 hours? If not, you need to take her to the vet.

Is she drinking water? Aside from prolonged lack of food, frequent vomiting is very dehydrating, and dehydration is dangerous.
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As mentioned, if this is an acute bought of vomiting, she needs to see a vet asap, for fluids and care for potential poisening....

however, you said you switched her food several times which I think means it's a chronic continuous problem.\\

Does your cat vomit very soon after eating?? if so it's likely that your cat is eating too fast and there are cures for this.


Does your cat just get stomach sick randomly? if so it means your cat probably has a sensitive tummy and there are special foods for this!

please let us know more details!
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Thank you for the quick replies.
She is a indoor cat but we do let her go out at times, in most cases we watch her while she plays outside.
The vomiting has been going on for a few weeks now, if i was to guess i would say 6-8 weeks.
The vomiting is random and can happen if anytime. If i was to put a number to it i would say on average once a week, but the pattern can randomly change.

It takes some time for her to vomit i'd say 4-5hours after eating..
I have notice that she will not eat all her food but will come back to it at a later time. She eats 1 serving in maybe 3-4 attempts at it.

From what i can see around the house i dont think she has had any poisons but i do see her eating insects such as flys...
She does drink alot of water lately.

I have taken her to the vet and they said she seems ok and maybe that she has a week tummy. They gave me a high quality cat food which i tired for a week but she still threw it up..
Should i try longer?
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Is it possible she is vomiting up hairballs?
Or is she vomiting up undigested/whole pieces of food?

If a cat has a sensitive system, then changing the food often will be hard on her. I would try the vet diet for longer, switch her over to it slowly & stick with it - see if that doesn't help.
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Originally Posted by white cat lover View Post
Is it possible she is vomiting up hairballs?
Or is she vomiting up undigested/whole pieces of food?
No hairballs that i can see.
It mostly is undiested food.
I will try for another week and see how she goes.
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if it is mostly undigested food she is probably eating too fast.
Your best bet is wet food, or dry food that has large kibble (I use california natural).

Feed on a flat plate, and elevate it (ie. on a phone book)
Try feeding smaller and more frequent feedings.

Switching food is hard on their tummy, so find a food and try sticking to it longer then 1 month!

Keep us updated and good luck!
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