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Introducing.....yet un-named kitten

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He's maybe 2.5 weeks old. Hopefully he makes it. Found without a mom, and we have no other bottle baby fosters (and no moms who can take him).

Haven't figured out a name yet....he screams like crazy. Finally got the hang of the bottle.

Eden & Margo both think it's their duty to protect & raise him. I told them until he's old enough to be FeLV tested! So far he pooped, peed, then ate.....and man, this little guy loves tummy rubs. Oh & he purrs like mad.

Climbing my hand

Finally figuring out the bottle, he won't lay any more "flat" to drink

So you guys get to watch the little guy grow. I get poop duty at all hours of the night.
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He is a doll! for him to grow big and strong!!

How old do they have to be to get tested? I bet Eden and Margo just go nuts when they hear him and can't get to him.
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Cute little fluffer!!
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Oh! Look at that little Cherub!!!

Lots of vibes coming his way that he grows big and strong!!
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Holy adorable.
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My vet will test at 6-8's not as accurate as waiting until they are older (like 3-4 months), though.

Kinda put a cramp on doing anything, though - one must always be available to feed the baby!
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He's precious and you're a softie/glutton for punishment!!

ETA: I looked at his face and the name Quincy popped into my head. Just a thought....
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He's adorable! He'll have two great moms and a wonderful uncle after he's tested! Can't wait to see pics of him from the middle of the night.
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He is a cutie. I will keep you and him in my prayers.
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Nat, you don't ever stop, do you?

WHAT an adorable little boy! Nat's going to be tired and cranky for the next few weeks! Of course - one look at the little face, and it'll all just melt away.

and for strength (for both of you!)

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You're going to have a little brat now too.

He's adorable.
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Awwwww Nat your a new Mommy. Happy Mothers Day! Im sure you will do fine, minus a little sleep. Hes so precious
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Yeah well, our alternative was to call the vet & outright kill him - or give him a shot at a distemper foster home. I've got the family to do the work feeding schedules, save once or twice where I'll have to leave him at the shelter during the day.

As for far I have:
Gabriel "Gabe"

Lil sis' suggestions:
Falafel (made her giggle)

I like Adagio best.....I think Falafel is funny enough to get him adopted. Weird names get them adopted.....but Falafel just doesn't have a ring to it!
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I've had Jasper since he was 9 days old. And right after I first got him I was working up to 5-6 hours some days, and he went that long those few times. I didn't like it, but it was that or nothing.
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I'm working 7 hours tomorrow, with an hour in transit (I work 30 mins from home). So I'll be gone 8 hours Monday. Tuesday I work 10-4, leaving at 9:30AM....then I'm at the shelter 6-8 (*cough* 9-10) in the evening. So I'd be gone over 12 hours.....I'm wondering if I don't leave him home Tues day, and come home between work & shelter. This is so complicated.

He is SO fussy. He won't take a bottle or syringe again now. He pooped & peed....but he just meows & meows & meows non-stop. He ate more than enough, his little tummy is full....but he's in his "kitten hut" bawling.
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Originally Posted by lmunsie View Post
too cute!!!!
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Do yu have something warm for him to cuddle with? (maybe warm rice sock?)

ANd ticking clock or low radio to keep him company?
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I've got a heating pad on low in half his kitty hut, a warm rice sock on each end of the kitty hut, and a stuffed animal in there. I've tried letting him near the dogs to see if that helps, but he won't shut up (Izzy thinks he's utterly fascinating - she is soo good with him). Macey & Coco just go "dang lady - it's been a long time since you brought one of these home - why another?!

I've tried snuggling him in my shirt, or talking to him - nothing. I might see if I can't get the vet or tech to take a quick look at him to see if they can find anything obviously wrong. His poop looked good, his behind isn't raw.....he's getting enough to eat (generally speaking, but I don't want to feed him too much either).

I'm hoping he just misses his mommy & littermates...and that he'll calm down in a few days. It's been over a year since I've done this, so I'm overly paranoid.
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Oh, what a cutie!
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omg He is so freaking cute
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Oh my goodness, is he a little cup cake or what!
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He is just a fussy little baby. It takes him forever to drink from a bottle. He did not wake up once throughout the night, I had to wake him to be fed.
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He's adorable, Good luck with him Nat
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He is sooo awesome! I'm not one for obvious animal names but I like Rascal. or from your list Finnean.
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Aw, poor wee mite. Maybe he's teething (or the kitten equivalent). You're doing such a good job with him, Nat. I bet he'll settle in pretty soon.
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I love the name Falafal( made me giggle too) ... Good luck , I imagine it aint easy after syringing a 13.20 lb 2 yr old
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I like Falafel too! Sounds rough, hope you get through it ok!
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OMG. He reminds me of little Wolverine! I really really really hope you get to come to the show this weekend. I would LOVE to meet this little doll!!!!!! I would even offer to baby-sit for awhile.

ETA: I like Gabriel.
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