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I recently moved to another state and got a new bag of litter from a really good pet shop near by.

Since then, one of 3 cats has been pulling out and scratching out alot of hair and we couldnt figure out why. We thought for a while it was the stress of moving and being around the other 2 cats (since they were recently introduced about 2 months prior).

Come to find out that its got to be the new litter as shes got rashes around her bottom.

Is there anything i can give her that is "over the counter"? Possibly half a pill of Benadryl? I know its ok for cats as ive given it to a cat before.

I cant really afford to take her to a Vet yet as i havent found a job yet, so im looking for some way to get her to stop biting/scratching herself.

Thanks for any help you can provide!