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Please help. Cat has diarrhea with blood

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We have a 1 year and 3 months old female cat. She's been having diarrhea for a month. She as fine for the first few days after we brought her home. Then started to have soft stool and than wattery stool. The stool has mucus and bright red blood at the end. She was straining when using the litter box. The frequency of using the litter box increases from 1 time a day to 5 times a day, but the amount each time is only a little. We took her to different vets several times and did fecal and blood tests, nothing was found. She's been treated with drontal, flagyl and panacur. Non of it stop the diarrhea and still has blood at the end. However the mucus is gone. During these treatment, we only fed her boiled chicken and rice (all mashed) and hope this can smooth her stomach. Even she is stlil active, playful and has good appetite. We tried to feed her smaller amount of food but 4 times a day. She seems to lose almost a pound, but vet told us it's because of the diarrhea and we fed her less. Vet recently gave us sulfasalazine to stop diarrhea and hopfully it can restore her condition back. The stool went from very wattery to soft now but it still has bright red blood at the end. We also noticed the stool color becomes light green. We don't know if this is somthing to do with the medication or something else. We also notice that she will raise her but when peeing. Please help us, any sugguestion will be welcome.
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Your poor kitty - a month is a long time to have diarrhea. You've certainly been trying hard to figure out what's causing it.

Sometimes blood in the stool is caused by irritation to the elimination system from frequent straining/pooping. Has your vet given you his thoughts about why this may be happening? If not, it's something to ask him/her.

Greenish stools can be caused by liver disease, but you've had bloodwork done and it's come back normal. You may want to repeat bloodwork about 7 weeks from the last time it was done, since liver values change slowly and probably won't show any changes before that. It's also possible that the odd color is a side effect from medication. It's another question you should ask your vet.

I was wondering if your kitty might have IBS (Inflammatory Bowel Syndrome) but along with diarrhea you usually get vomiting and poor appetite. Fortunately, that doesn't seem to be the case with your cat.

The plain roasted or boiled white meat chicken is a good idea. You might want to try several meals without the rice and add plain canned pumpkin, without spices. Use 1/8 to 1/4 teaspoon per meal for at least a couple of days. See if there's any improvement.

Another thing you can try is to add 1/2 capsule of acidophilus, which is a probiotic, to the food twice per day. You'll find this in any health food store. Look for one that says it has "billions of live cells". You can get one that contains additional probiotics besides acidophilus, too. It may help strengthen the beneficial intestinal bacteria she needs to properly digest food. Antibiotics unfortunately kill this "good" bacteria along with the bad.

I hope your little one will soon feel better. Please let us know.
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Thank you for your advices. The vet first thought it could be the worm or parasits in her digestant system. After all the deworms are done and no improvement is shown. The vet thought it could be colitis caused by the food and environment change. He asked us to provide the food she used to eat which is Iams original chicken. However, we really don't like the ingredient of Iams, so we fed her boilded chicken and rice. Do you think we should try Iams?

I didn't try acidophilus, but we gave her plant enzymes & probiotics for cat. I don't if they are the same, unfortunately it did not really help. It seems like lots of people suggest canned pumpkin, I will give it a try and hope the best.

For the past week, we fed her maybe only half of what she used to eat cause we are afriad too much food will make her more difficult to absorb. At the same time, we are afriad she will keep losing weight. Do you have any idea how much we should feed her a day? We really appreciate your opinion and inputs.
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This sounds similar to my cat Simon. Unfortunately, I don't have any idea what's wrong with my kitty, all our vets are overbooked (heartworm season they keep telling me..) and I can't get an appointment anywhere :\\ He's about a year old and he gradually got diarrhea after I got him as well with blood.. since I'mf eeding him pretty bad food, I personally thing that MIGHT be the reason (getting better food later tonight or tomorrow..i have no control over it :\\ my mom has the car and money) but I can't be sure.

I don't have any advice, unfortunately, but just commenting because I'm hoping watching this thread will offer some help with my own cat until I can get him to a vet.

It also seems you might be changing what you're feeding your cat pretty quickly, which probably won't help her stomach and she might not show signs if that's improving her health at all right away if you don't do it gradually.
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