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Nearing the end

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Spaz's life can now be measured in hours I'm afraid.
She's lost weight and muscle mass and has progressed to twitching, incontinence and congestive heart failure.

She's weak, but alert and managing to stay comfortable.
She still eats and drinks and puts forth the effort to purr when her ears are getting scratched.
We have stopped treating and are now just supporting and making her comfortable.
It is my strongest hope that she goes peacefully in her sleep, or stays comfortable until she can see a vet tomorrow.

This is the absolute worst part of living in the middle of nowhere on the weekends.

Please send prayers or vibes that she passes quietly, or stays strong enough to leave with assistance.
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No vets up in Laughlin/Bullhead City?
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Bullhead city is the closest, but no vehicle on the weekends.
If she does start to get uncomfortable, I can fall back on local animal control.
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So sorry you are going through that.

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I'm sorry to hear that. Many and prayers that she goes peacefully. to you
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I am so sorry she goes peacefully!
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Oh no Many prayers her passing is peaceful, I am so sorry, big hugs to you
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Im really sorry to hear this Arlyn. Sending many vibes that way for her to be comfortable, vibes for you, too.
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Sending many for a peacefull passing and big for you, too.
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Mega that she passes peacefully.
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Many for your sweetie's peaceful passing, and for you.
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and from Cammy and me.
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May she go swift and painlessly.
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Many & headed your way.
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From this tortie-mom comes tons of for a peaceful and easy passing for that beautiful girl, and for you.

Please give her some and from me and my crew.

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May her passing be gentle.

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Adding my thoughts of a peaceful and painless passing for your beautiful girl.
Lots of for you too!
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Thanks everyone.

Spaz had a fantastic night and is much improved, she will be with me another day.
At this point though, we are just going to go one day at a time.
She's been up, eating and drinking like a champ, even joined in the feed me chorus last night. She's been initiating cuddles and headbutts and though still incontinent, she managed two litterbox trips.
She dislikes being cleaned up after her accidents though.
With congestive heart failure though, I know she will not recover, and we (my family and I) are prepared, and I have told her that it's ok, she can go join B.C. at the bridge.
She fighting more than I expected, but I cannot assist her in passing until she's quite ready to go.

Spaz will get whatever she wants, whenever she wants and is going to be even more spoiled.

So please, keep her in your prayers.
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Many and prayers for your sweet Spaz. to you as you support her in her last days. May they be very sweet.
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My three furbabies send their and
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So sorry to hear about Spaz...may she go to the Rainbow Bridge in peace.
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Sending vibes and prayers for a gentle transition to the bridge.
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Arlyn, I'm so sad that you are going through this but I have to tell you I truly admire the way you are handling this with Spaz and with your family, and the way that you are communicating about it.

It is so difficult to let go of one you love so much, but it is extremely obvious that Spaz is wanting to call some of the shots (typical tortie!) right up until the end. And your love for her is so strong.

My heart is with you - I hope you and she enjoy every little moment you have left together as best as you can, every last purr, every last heartbeat.

Many more and lots of and for all of you.
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prayers and thoughts to you and your little one in this very hard time.
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I am keeping her in my thoughts. Thank god she is still fighting
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I'm sending many vibes for Spaz. How is she doing?
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She is much the same as yesterday.
She slept on the pillow next to me took three trips to the litter box, drank each time she got up and ate once.
She groomed Jade this morning, then smacked her.

You can see though that her breathing isn't normal, though she isn't struggling for breath like she was on Sunday. Still a slight rattle though.
Her back end is extremely weak, but she still insists on lying on the counter, so I just leave things that she can climb.

She has bouts of confusion, and incontinence, but overall, she still wants to be here, her eyes are bright, she's still a pig and she's still the reigning alpha.

I'll continue to support her as long as she wants to fight, unless she is in obvious pain.
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I am glad you are doing it like that.
Sorry she does not have much time left.
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more and for another day!
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What a special kitty, and what a special Meowmy! Enjoy your last days together, every tiny morsel of them. Sending lots of for lots of good moments, and an easy passing for sweet Spaz when she decides it's time.
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