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HAPPY 1st Birthday, Siddha!!!

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Siddha's 1st Birthday is May 10, 2009... he's growing up so fast! I can't believe I've already had him 4 months. He's changed quite a bit!

Siddha in January -

Siddha today!! - Happy Birthday Baby!

and here's Bodhi - not sure what to think of that candle... but enjoying some 'cake' anyways.

and it seems Bodhi is enjoying the new "mystery triangle" more than Siddha at this point... but Siddha will discover it soon, I'm sure.

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Look at all that LOOT.

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Happy birthday Siddah what a cutie
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Looks like Siddha got some great presents for the big 1 year mark!! Great pics.

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Wow, great loot, Siddha! I especially love the pic of him licking his birthday 'cake'. He looks soooo soft and fluffy! What a handsome boy.

Happy Birthday, Siddha!
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Aww, Happy Birthday Siddah!!
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Siddha says THANKS to everyone for the birthday wishes!!

He had a great day today... did nothing but nap, eat, play with his toys, and hang out with me. He is such a lap-cat. Even when I'm on my computer, he gets up on the desk and practically wedges himself on my lap somehow. I wish I had someone to take a pic of him when he's in that position!
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