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General question (for an article I am working on)

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Those of you with rotund or chubby cats, if a product was being offered and the selling point was "For Fat Cats" and it wasn't a diet product, would you as cat owners be put off by the term Fat? Or would you be intrigued that someone was considering all sizes of cats in relation to their product?
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"Fat Cat" has always meant "rich" or "well to do" to me, I don't think I would find it offencive at all. A large kitty is just better off than it's thinner bretheren in the food catagory.
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I'd probably wouldn't buy it. It seems like the issue of an overweight cat wasn't taken seriously. What concerns me is that since it is not a diet product, it seems that that the company is not aware of the sizes that cats come in.

I do realise that the term 'fat cat' refers to being well off and rich but when it is used to sell food then I would seriously think twice about the company's philosophy. This is assuming that it is a food product.

If the term was used in other products like bowls, collars, leashes, cat condos, cat beds, brushes and other accessories then I wouldn't have a problem with it. After all, we all do enjoy spoiling our cats.
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I am not offended by the term, I call my cats my little fat cats all the time. I am offended when other people look at Sam and say, wow is he ever big! However, for a cat product, I wouldn't be put off by this.
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If it's not a diet product, what's the point in saying "fat"? If it was a kitty t-shirt or a toy, why not say for "larger" cats?
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I would be very turned off. Neo is a larger kitty, he weighs 18 - 20 pounds BUT he is also 38 inches long. I don't consider him "fat" I just think of him as a big or large kitty. The term fat just seems so negative to me.
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Seems like a negative term to me. I would prefer then saying for 'larger' cats or something along those lines.
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Bill calls Buddy "Fat Cat". Its an affectionate term - Buddy IS a large kitty. A lot of us give our cats nicknames that might sound derogatory, to anyone who doesn't know us or our cats well. We refer to Rowdy as "Brat Cat".
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Well, since I call Excalibur Chunkybutt, how can I be offended by the term Fat?
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I guess I'd have to see what they were offering. I couldn't decide unless I saw the product. sorry not to much help here.
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Unless it has to do with dietary needs, I would think it better to refer to "large" cats, or even "big cats". If the product is like a collar or harness, what about those cats like Maine Coons that are just BIG cats, not necessarily fat, but normal cat products don't fit them?
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I agree with Deb, why use the word "Fat" is it's not a diet product... "Fat" could come off as cute to some and negative to others. That would be an interesting poll...

Some ideas......

This would sound boring and medicinal: "A product reenforced for the Morbidly Obese Feline" ... LOL!!

This could barely pass for cute: "A product for felines who are Large and In Charge"

One more: Built Rugged for the Plus Size Feline

If the toy is appropriate for cats of all sizes then I might focus on the durability of the product so the thin cats won't think we are discriminating.

I'll hush I am rambling! LOL!!

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The word "fat" would probably put me off...even though two of my five babies are fairly chubby. You say that the product wouldn't be "diet", would it have extra calories "for fat cats"?
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Actually it's a bed of sorts- a hammock that comes in three sizes-
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I just don't like the term fat. It seems negetive to me. there are sooo many other words.
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For our plus sized feline friends

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I'd say call it Jumbo-sized or something. In America, where bigger is usually better, "Jumbo" stuff usually sells well. I got Luna a Jumbo litter box.
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LOL Viva! She's so little right now you better watch her. Luna may get lost in a JUMBO litter box! LOL

Mary Anne, I just keep thinking about those bigger breeds of cats, or those who are just plain BIG cats but not obese. These owners would probably be turned off by the "fat" label, even though they may appreciate something that would hold their big babies. It would be like when us normal sized ladies go into a designer boutique, where a size 12 really means a 5 and we can't even get our leg into the skirt.
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LOL Heidi!

Point well taken guys and thanks- I told the gentleman I would do a quick survey for him- appreciate the help..

Love the Plus-Size Feline Kim!
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Originally posted by hissy
.....Love the Plus-Size Feline Kim!
LOL! Maryanne! I was trying to be politically correct.

Heidi and Viva inspired this thought:
Someone placing and order: "Yes, I'd like to order four hammocks for
cats please. I'll need one small, two mediums and could ya
supersize it for my one jumbo boy?"

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I like it when things say for "larger" cats.
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