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Sunday!! What's On Your Agenda?

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Morning All!!!

Sunny but only 4 here this morning so it is a little on the chilly side.

Have a few errands to run today, pick up some groceries, pet store, return some video's etc etc.

I also picked up a couple new pairs of slacks for work that I need to adjust the hem on so that will be a good project for this afternoon.

The kitties are good this morning, playing in a paper bag right now. Basically Linus is sitting in the paper bag and the other two are trying to get him out.

Everyone have a great day
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You'll see a theme with the weekend agenda threads for me. I'm going to shovel more rocks out of my front yard. Once moved, I have a few plants to get into the ground then I'm going to lay mulch over the places where the rocks were removed. We got 20 plants into the ground yesterday, and the garden is finally beginning to take shape.

My neighbor dropped off 5 daisy plants this morning that were overgrowing in her garden so I need to find a place to plant those also.

I plan to quit by 3 and just relax and watch a movie with the kids. It's supposed to rain later today.
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well not much going on here today. The boys were on the screened porch for a while this morning but it's pretty chilly and windy out so I brought them in and closed the door. Ran to the grocery store for butter so I could make some oatmeal raisin cookies (in the oven now, looks like it's gonna make about a dozen instead of the 58 the recipe said it would make :/) Don't really feel like doing anything today so I dont know if I'll get around to cleaning or if I'll just watch old movies and masterpiece theatre this evening when it comes on. Ooh the exciting life I lead
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Went to Church this morning, my sister and I took Mom for Mother's Day lunch, then I went to the store and bought her Roses and Pancake mix for her Mother's Day present from me, came home and watched my sister's MD present which was a DVD of ENCHANTED APRIL, and my sister gave both Mom and me a facial.
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We visited Josh's grandma in the hospital, then had his mom over for lunch. We had my mom and her hubby over for dinner and tv!
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We went to the SC Aquarium It was a lot of fun, got to see their penguin exhibit (4 warm-water penguins flown in from San Diego, should be there for a year). They also had tons of different fish, salt-water marsh area, otters, etc. I have yet to upload pics but will most likely post some.

Other than that, we were pretty lazy the rest of the day.
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