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New Cat Trees

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I went to the CFA show in Raleigh yesterday and picked up 3 new trees for our in the house crew. These things last forever, unlike the ones on Ebay, which are pretty flimsy for energetic cats.

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Your Bengal kittens are luvvin those trees!!!!
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Those are great Nile, they definitely look Bengal Worthy Adorable kitties
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What a great tree

and gorgeous kitties making use of it.
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Awesome cat tree My cats would love one like that
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Those are AWESOME.
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Oh I love those! Do they have a web site?
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The company should have a stamp that says, "Bengal-tested and approved."
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Oh now my 3 would love those!

I'm laughing at the kitten hanging on in the first picture
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Originally Posted by Pami View Post
Oh I love those! Do they have a web site?
Yep, sure do. Here it is:

We have been buying trees from this guy for 4 years and still have the very first tree he sold us. A testament to their longevity. The craftmanship is excellent. More pricey than other trees, but as with everything, you get what you pay for.
I certainly wouldn't keep buying from him if the quality wasn't there.

Originally Posted by myfamiliars View Post
The company should have a stamp that says, "Bengal-tested and approved."
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I want that one

I don't find the pricing too bad..... just can you imagine the shipping costs to Canada?
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Those are fantastic trees! I'm looking through their selection and I'm in love. Yeah, they're a little pricey, but I don't think it's that bad really. Still quite reasonable, especially as you say they last for years.
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Yes, I suppose shipping to Canada might jack the price up just a tad.

The trees are really heavy. I had to use a hand truck to bring them into the house.
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I love them, Nial! I wish I could get my Persian to use a cat tree - she doesn't like scratching things and I always have to remove the outer layer of her claws. She's just so lazy. The exotics love them though!
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Oooo, those trees look great! Our tall one came from an Ebay seller a few years ago, and it is in a sorry state right now. My next tree purchase will be something more durable. I will definitely look at this site when we decide to purchase our next one!

BTW, your cats are so gorgeous!
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