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New movie DVD

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I don't know how many have watched it, but he DVD of the movie "Bolt" is pretty good. Yeah, it's an animation, and no, it's not realistic. But it is sweet, and it has a really neat message about people abandoning their cats.
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I LOVED this movie
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OK, I'll confess; I have a big weakness for animated movies. When I watch a movie, I do it to be entertained, not horrified or instructed.
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I missed the end, so I think I missed the bit about the cat abandonment, but I knew she had a home at one point and was left by her owners.

I'll have to rent it again, and this time not get interruppted.
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It goes by really quick. It's ironic, too, if you recall her initial meeting with Bolt, as she was threatening the pigeons of a meeting with her claws.

She tells Bolt in Las Vegas that they should stay there, that people don't really care about them. They will love you for a while, then abandon you. She mentions throwing out a declawed female cat, and obviously is referring to herself.
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Yeah. :c I noticed she was declawed.
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I LOVED this movie!! I too, have a weakness for animal animated movies. It was so cute! What a tough little guy LOL. Rhino, the Hamster was hilarious as well!
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