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Domino is home!

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Domino, my 8-1/2 week old kitten, came home to live with me last night. He had a restless night and then he slept all day today. He didn't wake up until 7 or so. He wouldn't eat any of his dry food. Then he had a small amount of bloody diarrhea. I got him to drink some water. We went to sleep from 10pm to 12am.

When he woke up he started playing around my feet while I worked at my desk. He kept going to his bowl, but he wouldn't eat anything. I decided to give him some canned food. When I came in the bedroom to give him the food, he was gone.

I spent over an hour calling and looking for him. I finally found him INSIDE one of the small drawers of my desk. He crawled in from the back of the desk. The drawer was already full, so you can imagine how he was crammed in there. I had to take the other drawers out of the desk in order to get him out!

While in the desk drawer, he found his new favorite toy! A cloth measuring tape! I cut off one foot of the tape for him to play with.

He gobbled down the canned food and now he is running around here like a remote control car. He is absolutely crazy!

Who knows when we will get to bed tonight! I just hope his BM's straighten out. He doesn't have a vet appt until Monday.
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awwww he is very handsome!!! congrats!
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Awww! he's adorable!
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Congratulations on your new family member....
Domino is adorable.
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He is so adorable Congratulations
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He's just precious
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What a total doll. Welcome home, Domino!
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What a cutie! He sounds like he knows how to amuse himself!
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How sweet and adorable!!
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Thanks, everybody ... I think he's pretty special. We are ready to take a nap, trying to catch up on lost sleep.
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He is a cutie. Good luck on your new baby boy and post more pics.
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Welcome home, little Domino! Adorable pics
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As you can see from my photos of my cats I love b&w cats! He is gorgeous!!
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