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Who says cats don't talk to us??

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Lucky does! And believe me, she more often than not gets her point across!
P.S.: Sorry about the mess - my house has become kitties' paradise lately!

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Kizzy loves her meow He came right up to me, and jumped up, trying to get on my desk to listen to her meow LOL.
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I have 3 "chatty" cats! Nemo, Itty Bitty and Dolce' all talk non stop I think it is so cute your cats are beautiful btw
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OMG - that is soo cute! If there was a Lucky & Bugsy fan club, I'd be a member for sure!

Oh, and I completely understand about your house becoming a kitties paradise. I often think if my friends came over, they'd think I've lost my mind. There are random hairbands, catnip mice, bottle caps, spongy-balls, and big pop-up cubes in the floor! And that's JUST my living room!
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Oh, I know what you mean. We have a couple of chatty girls - brown tabbies -- in our storefront right now. One has the greatest meow. I try to capture it on my digi-cam on the video setting but she would rather play with the strap and bite the lens than cooperate!

Another - a gray kitten -- demanded attention from a potential adopter -- the woman was turned and talking to us and this 3 month old kit came to the edge of her cage and meeeeeeoooooooooowed loudly while looking at the woman. I said to the lady - Um, I think London is calling you! (That's the kitten's name!)

BTW - Lucky has the sweetest little meow/trill!
Give her and Bugs some scritches for me!!!
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Aw, Lucky is just expressing herself. So cute. Bugsy is a gorgeous boy, too. My Raven will meow crossly at me, and I will meow right back. We will then have a lively conversation that only one of us can understand.
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How cute!! Bugsy sure looked like he wanted to jump into the conversation, or at least he wanted a share of meowmy's attention.

I have some of my best conversations with my cats. Muddy and Spanky are by far the most talkative of my bunch.
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So cute! Wish I had a video camera to get some of Cammy's big ol' mouth sometime! She's doesn't sound as sweet as lucky though, more like she's griping at me. lol.
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I always thought people were nuts when they said their cats talked to them until I got ones that does. Scooters says "feed me" "go out" and "nooo."
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How cute! You know, besides her cute little meow, my other favorite thing about Lucky is the tufts of fur in her ears. Those are so cute.

Bamf doesn't meow very often. He used to meow regularly, wandering through the apartment, looking for Pixel. Now he barely squeaks. Pixel didn't meow at ALL for months, and now she wanders the hallway meowwwwling for most of the night (as long as I am awake). She doesn't yowl if we are sleeping. I think she is complaining, but I can never figure out what she is complaining about... I wish I could, sometimes it's annoying.
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Such a nice surprise to see a video of Lucky; I absolutely adore her. She seemed to cop a bit of an attitude toward the end, eh? Clammed right up!
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She's sounds like my Jack--who by the way wondered who was talking while he was trying to nap in front of the window--he heard Lucky.

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