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What's your kitty's favorite food?

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My Cat personally loves yogurt and solid gold tuna. So, what food does your cat loves as a meal or treat?
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Hennessy goes bananas for raw tuna (not the canned stuff) and his wet food. And more wet food... and more wet food...

Disa... he likes the dog's food. But he'll eat the cat food if he really HAS to... No interest in people food whatsoever.
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Jack prefers chicken Avoderm to all else. Oh, and cheese. He's a cheese mooch but we limit it.
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Caspian, a cat I used to have used to go bonkers for my cornflakes in the morning! He'd sit next to me and watch me eating them then he'd sneakily stick his paw in my bowl tipping it all over my lap and then he'd start licking up the milky flakes from my lap
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Simon goes crazy for cantalope..but won't eat it unless I break it into tiny pieces for him and hand feed him xD; but he LOVES it.
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Chasca has a thing for buttered popcorn...weird....
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Very interesting food choices by some of your cats. I guess they can not deny what tastes good. Even if they’re peculiar choices for a cat.
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aside from his normal dry, Kizzy LOVES pieces of cooked chicken , Fancy feast grilled chicken feast, and CET chews.
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Cali LUH-UH-UHVS vanilla yogurt. She'll eat other flavors, but when it's vanilla she actually tries to pull the spoon out of my hand to get her share.
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mikey has this thing for fancy feast (ONLY the gourmet chicken flavor) only wet food he will eat
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Anything we are eating!

Charlie and Jack both like peaches the best. Jackie is a food vacuum and will eat just about anything you put in front of him. Charlie is not quite as bad and will eat a lot of different things.

Ling, she's the pickiest one in the house - she doesn't like a lot of human food (she loves raw hamburger and chicken tho).
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Xander doesn't eat much human food, but Riley will eat anything. His favorites are dill pickles and mandarin oranges.

For cat food, their favorite seems to be Avoderm chicken chunks in gravy.
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Trout doesn't eat human food...but she wants to
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Marshmellow: Temptations Natural treats,chicken, and eggs..those are her fav

Bandit: Loves anything that is edible!
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Both of my cats LOVE Medi-cal Gastro forumla. The vet gave me a little ziplock bag full when Zoey was sick and I just started feeding it to Belle and Delilah as treats. They are both fairly picky, but Delilah won't eat any other kind of treats. So, of course, I had to go to the and pay $26 for a giant bag of cat food that will last me forever as treats.

Belle used to be quite the little begger when we ate dinner, but she seems to be losing her taste for human food. I never leave margarine open, however - she seems to like that.
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Speck loves tuna, Daisy like strawberries (but I think its the smell...I don't know if she actually eats them), Siamie is crazy about shrimp. When we get take out, sometimes she gets her own special order...minus the baked potato, hush puppies, and slaw .
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Bananas are Nora's absolute favorite, but she also loves cucumbers, tomatoes, and broccoli, in that order of preference.

We haven't really tried to give Emmett anything but cat food yet. We're still trying to get the taste for wet food built up.
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Anything that is on the human's plates
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Jack loves anything, but he really loves cheddar and sour cream chips--we limit this I promise, but I once left the room and came back to him halfway in the bag...

Harley is mostly a cat food only lover--raw and wet being his favorite. Although a cooked piece of meat will get his attention, not much else will.

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- bread
- french fries
- yogurt
- ice cream
- popsicles
- popcorn

- cheese
- chicken

- anything
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Cammy likes pieces of deli turkey. I gave her a small piece of raw chicken and she loved it, which I thought was awesome because I hope to feed her raw someday. She actually really likes Purina Complete Formula too. Freako-cat. I think it's probably just because I don't want her to have it though.
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Hannah's the cheesemeister in our house. She comes running when you open the Ziploc bag or when she hears the waxed paper being torn off the roll. (We grate it on waxed paper and store the cheese in a Ziploc bag.) We limit her consumption of cheese, though.

Callie goes crazy for milk. She can be dead asleep anywhere in the house, but when she hears me pouring the milk, she's in the kitchen in a heartbeat!! She only gets about 3 licks of it, though.
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Aya has lately been obsessed with her wet food. It might be 'cause of the hot weather. It's pate style beef entre by Purina Mon petit label.

She also goes nuts for her pounce style treats (I use these to bribe her and escape (sans cat) in the AM. I have to keep the bag in the because she will find it and chew it all to bits to get at them treats otherwise.

I don't give her much people food. But she will eat small bits of fried chicken. Tuna and most recently these dried cheese fries from the conbeni, but she only wanted one.
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Bandit loves Ice Cream, vanilla, or bannana, and wet cat food

Piglet loves Ice Cream same flavors, she likes all wet food too

Tuffy likes most wet food, he loves vanilla yougert

Poor Scuddle, he likes bannana chips, fresh bannana, and odwalla bars bannana Hates fish in his dry cat food, and will only sniff wet food.
I limit treats because they are all fat.
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Bodhi loves bread, cheese, potato, and milk. These things are ALL extremely limited.

Siddha loves ANYTHING you put in front of him, except Wellness treats. LOL
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Maddox likes cooked chicken. I make sure it's absolutely plain before I give it to him. He won't eat anything fish. I've tried giving him tuna and sushi grade salmon, and he turns his nose up at it. He also refuses to eat cheese.

I haven't had Matty long enough to know what treats he likes, except, both cats love the Purina Whisker Lickin's treats, moist only! Maddox also likes the Friskies moist treats.
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Panther LOVES pizza, whenever I have it she tries to take it away from me. I even have to go to great lengths to keep her out of the trash when I throw it away. She also really likes my raspberry filled cookies and often trys to knock them out of my hands. Of course she also likes to eat any plastic laying around or other random inedible objects she finds....so shes not picky at all.
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Hija loves more to beg for food than the food itself, but she goes nuts for grilled lambchops
Pancho loves cheese, he prefers gruyere / emmental
Baby is crazy for beef liver, when he smells it he goes in trance !
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My kitty loves anything edible!
The last thing I saw her eat was an avocado slice from my salad bowl!
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Sabastian- yogurt, Doritos, and tuna

Nipper- slim jims, pepperoni, cold cuts, cheese nips, tuna, shrimp

Princess- finally she started to become curious about human food, and the 1 day i was eating a sweet n sour chicken and rice meal and she came over and was sniffing around so i gave her some and she ate it right up, so far she hasnt shown interest in anything else.
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