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Starting of a eye infection?

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I noticed a little while ago that one of Tiki's eyes are pinkish red. She's always got watery eyes and I clean them every other day. I use a warm wet wash cloth and gently wipe the gunk from her eyes. Today when I noticed it, she had that eye closed but it wasn't matted shut. It had a brownish colored discharge (that's the color it always is) and the rim of her lid was more pink than usual.
When I wiped it clean, she really fought me. She doesn't like it being done anyway, but tonight she tried everything to get away from me. I'm assuming it was irritated and could have hurt when I cleaned it.

Could this be the start of a eye infection?
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Sounds like it to me. I've been thru several eye infections with Anna Belle. The vet usually prescribes terramycin (sp?) and within a few days it's all better.
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Make sure to have a helper as most kitties won't let you put in the ointment with out a struggle. LOL I've had to do it with the persians and get the nastiest looks after it's done.
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Hi, I also have a cat named Tiki! He's a foster. For eye infections, you'll generally get eye drops, they contain tobramycin. Always a good thing to have help, someone to hold the cat. My Tiki has uveitis right now, which is basically inflammation of the eye. It's a little different than an eye infection, but it started out the same way. You'll want to watch out and continue follow-ups with your vet so that he can determine if theres an underlying problem that the eye drops can't help. Good luck!
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. . .or maybe something in her eye?
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This morning when I woke up, I took one look at her & made an appointment. Her little eyes were red, puffy and goobered up. So, thank God they could get me in over my lunch hour! I just picked her up from the Vet a few minutes ago and they told me she has Clamydia (sp?) infection in both eyes. They gave me some oral med's called Delta Albaplex 60 mg's and an ointment called Mycitracin. The oral med's are for 10 days and the ointment is to be used until the eyes clear up.

Does anyone know if this Clamydia infection is contagious to my other cats? I forgot to ask while I was there and now the office is closed. Also, any familiar with these med's? I've never heard of the oral med before and I've heard of the ointment.

Thanks on the suggestions. Tiki is rather fisty when it comes to taking med's anyway, so I'll make sure I've got a helper.
Thanks again!
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Shell it is very easily transmitted from cat to cat, younger cats are at risk more than older ones are, but both can become infected. You need to keep Tiki away from the others, and also wash out all your food bowls and feed her separate from the rest as well. Wash out your water bowls too-

Good luck!
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Thanks MA!
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I just did a search on Chlamydial Conjunctivitis on the net and have found a lot of good info. But I have not been able to find what causes this? She hasn't been exposed to foreign cats (indoor only) and the other 2 cats haven't either (they're indoor only). I don't understand how she could get this since it's a very contagious infection and not my knowledge has been exposed to another cat that has it. I also read that humans can get this from animals? Should I be worried?

Also, I read that it can take several days before the symptoms appear. Do you think I should call the Vet and see if I should treat the other 2 cats? Bud & Tiki don't spend much time with each other, but Echo & Tiki are each others shadows. I have noticed in the past week, Echo has had more dry crusties around her eyes than before. Her eyes don't look red or watery. She just has brown crud in the corners of her eyes.

Sorry for all the questions. I've never deal with this before, so it's all new to me!
Thanks again!
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bumping this
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OMG! I was researching the med's the vet gave me and I found this link. It said that this medication (Delta Albaplex) was not used in cats! Heres the link: http://www.peteducation.com/article....articleid=1449

I haven't gave her any of this. I've learned my lesson when Echo got sick back in Jan.
Anyone know anything about this drug? Please help me!
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Shell here is a resource I use quite often

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