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Momma Ginger enjoying her expanded digs!!

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So Ginger and the babies finally got their cage expansion today--I had a feeling I better get moving since the babies are close to being able to climb out of the nest! She also had her nails clipped today--now she can't do damage when she swats me in disgust about being in the cage--and hopefully her expansion will keep her disgust level down!

As a side note we received some mail this week address to Ginger Harris--we rent here but have never received mail for that name in a year. So I asked Hubby if he took Ginger to the postoffice to change her address--he said no. So I think she stopped the mailman on the porch one day, got the form from him, filled out the form and just gave it right back. So she officially has a last name and is Ms. Ginger Harris.

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Pretty cool.

Did you make that yourself with PVC pipe and that plastic chicken wire?
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I did--its attached to the back of a large dog crate currently.

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This is the third thing I've seen this week made of of PVC pipe.

I never would have thought of that at all. :P

She is adorable, btw.
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For some reason PVC just came to mind.

Thanks--I hope she finds a good home after the kittens are weaned, she really is a sweetheart.

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You did an awesome job! Look at all that room. I wouldn't mind living there myself.

It's funny that Ginger now has a last name. Hey, it's the only way she can get her mail! She looks great. Fingers crossed that she finds a forever home.
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She's precious! And you're great for taking her in!
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pvc piping has sooooo many uses eh

Momma looks great
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Thanks everyone!

Yeah she is loving having room to stretch and even did a little playing yesterday!

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The expansions looks great do you have any news pics of the kittens.
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looks great, and I like the cage, makes me wanna make something similar.
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That is a great idea ! and what a pretty kitty
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Thanks for all the compliments and I'll tell Ginger as well.

I will have new pictures of the babies no later than tonight I promise!!!

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I have got to try and make a few of these... She's beautiful.
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