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Balding kitten's fur growing back grey/white?

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I will HAVE to take some good photos but it's insane, the coal black kitten that was going bald is now growing fur in that is grey/white!

Anyone hear of this before? the areas where the fur never fell off are still very black. I'll brb with photos!
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I've heard that sometimes when cats have their fur shaved it can grow back in a different colour. I don't know what's causing it though.
I remember someone complaining about it in a cat show, her cat was blue point and when some of the paler fur was shaved by a vet, it grew back much darker.
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bet you can't pick him out... :-P HOWEVER this photo is about a week old, this was when his fur was still falling out. I've got to try and get a new good photo of him.
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I've got a black smoke Devon rex and his baby was born black and white (tuxedo pattern) and when the kitten's kitten coat shed, she was grey. That is the undercoat I'm sure you're seeing. I know with my devons, Bob was like that when we got him and grew in his black fur later. Now that Oreo is growing hers back, she's black again.

Here's a picture of Oreo when she shed her kitten coat...PS she's the black one LOL

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Yeah, the kitten looks like a black smoke to me too.
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Hmm... I've said the mom has a funny look to her and now i think that might be it. Devon Rex... Only happening to one baby though so I guess the bloodline is just very diluted.
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Is either parent a smoke - that's what I'm thinking.

We had a litter of barn kittens born blue mactabby/white and then they changed to blue points, then seal points (retaining the blue mac) and finally turned into black/white cats!

I've never had that happen. I've bred rexes - had blues, blacks and black smokes and non of them did color changing.
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The mom is a short hair tiger top... she was turned over from a woman who had 46 cats in a one bedroom trailer. I have no idea who the father was as I never got any contact with the males, only the females. Baldie as I've started calling her is the only cat from the litter who expressed this. All the others look long haired.

Another female who was turned over from the same people does have body features of a Devon Rex, but all her kittens are chubby and bubbly and furry.

Here's some new photos of the kitten from yesterday.

Now, remember she was born coal black.
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Wow, she is SO pretty!
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I know. I'm growing very attached to her. Her whole body used to be the same black as her face. I can't wait to see what she ends up looking like when she grows.
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Sometimes kitten coats can go "grey" but if her feet, face, tail is black, then I suspect she will end up as a black. It would only be smoke if at least one parent is smoke. Smokes are not common in mixed breeds.
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Wow she is beautiful and her coloring is so pretty! I am interested to see how it ends up
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What is a smoke?
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A smoke is either black, blue, silver or red color and the base of the hair is white (next to the skin). The rest of the hair shaft is the color.

With Silvers you can have several degrees of shading (shaded is the darkest - more color and less white; and chinchilla is reverse - the tips are black and most of the hair shaft is white).

In most cats you can only see the white when the hair is flipped backwards or when the cat is walking and the fur breaks as they walk.
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i have had a few kittens that were born with black feet and tails and heads and a light grey body, they have all grown up with the grey turning to a beautiful reddish brown color with the rest of them black still, its very pretty, also one that we had the reddish hair was long and the black was short. i saw this thread from looking for answers about my balding kitten, i just noticed its fur getting thinner a few days ago, shes only 2 weeks old, and looked very much so like your kitten did, did you ever figure out what was going on with the fur??



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