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When it is hot outside what do you fix for dinner?

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94 degrees right now and to hot to cook! I am looking for inspiration out there- I already have a nice salad made up- but hubby is a steak and potato man......
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Grill the steak and potato. That's what my folks used to do. We also used to have tons of fresh veggies when it was hot. We still cook full time at our house because my husband thinks it can never get too hot (meanwhile I'm dying in the back bedroom with the fan on full throttle).
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By the time that I got home today, it was 101. We had smoked sausage, cooked in beer and macaroni and cheese for dinner. Monday was pot roast and Tuesday was Monday's leftovers. We don't have Thursday and Friday figured out, yet.
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you dont you order pizza or chinese food
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It's soup and cold cuts here when the weather is hot. Then ice cream for dessert. Sometimes it's order out or a nice sit down dinner at an air conditioned diner.
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Pasta with chicken, iced tea, iced cold carrot sticks, and jello for dessert.
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Fish and salad if it's super hot.

Oven baked salmon steaks are my favourite as well as the cats.

Pasta with tomato salsa with canned tuna tossed through it.

Home made pizzas, usually vegetarian, (eggplant, mushroom and zuchinni or fetta, tomato and olive)

Sushi with miso soup on the side.

Dessert, well we're not really into it. Though sometimes we indulge in ice cream.
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Cold pasta salad - you can even put cooked chicken or sausage in it, or anything on the grill outside is what we do on super hot days. Jello, pudding, ice cream or homemade popsicles can be dessert!
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Yup - salads are the order of the day in my house - but a mixture of warm and cold stuff - say chicken/fish/beef and boiled new potatoes or cubed tiny roast potatoes with rosemary tossed with a green leaf salad with crunchy bits like cucumber and peppers added.

Sometimes I'll take the whole lot and stick them in a pitta bread or a wrap.

Time permitting (usually weekends), we might do a barbecue, where I might do monster steak sandwiches with olive-oil soaked italian bread cooked on the barbie and tons of cherry tomatoes.

I would feed us salad all the time, but sadly hubby likes his casseroles and roast dinners (ack)!!!
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I grill on the gas grill almost every day from June-October Makes no mess, no pots or pans, nothing to wash! We love it. I usually make a side salad and veggies, and we've got a meal in quick time.
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WE grill out alot..burgers, hot dogs, bratwurst, or smoke sausages....I also make deviled eggs alot in the summer, get some fruit...cantaloupe, strawberries, and the kids just love it..sometimes I will fry up some potatoes, but that stove seems to heat the house up just like the oven so, it isn't very often I do it though when it is too hot....
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We cook out, year 'round. Our diet is heavy on southern food but, we both like spaghetti and Mexican food, too. Bill gets homemade tamales, from a guy at work. We steam those, in the microwave and serve frijoles, on the side.

Its Bill's turn to cook, tonight and we're having chicken-fried steak and mashed potatoes.
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Originally posted by Rock&Fluff'smom
I also make deviled eggs alot in the summer
This is probably a dumb question, but what are deviled eggs???
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Originally posted by Sal
This is probably a dumb question, but what are deviled eggs???
I don't know how other people make them but Bill's method is this:

Hard-boil eggs and slice them in half, legthwise. Take out the yolks and mash them up with mayonnaise, mustard, onion and bits of red bell pepper. Scoop the yolk mixture back into the whites, refrigerate and serve. (I can't stand the nasty things but HE likes them)
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I love Deviled eggs, I make them for any get together we go to.
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I almost never cook, especially on really hot days! My hubby either cooks or we go out. It's not that I can't cook because I am actually a very good cook, but the Kitchen in my apartment is so small that I can reachy the stove refrigerator and the sink all from the same spot and there is no room for a kitchen table even though it was listed as an eat in kitchen.
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if its real hot, we order out, or cook steaks on the grill.
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:icecream: :icecream: :icecream: yummmm
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when it's hot outside I usually just slather chicken breasts in italian dressing and toss them on the grill, then cut then up and add them to a salad.. Sometimes I'll make either fries or spring noodles and add them too. For other people I sometimes make steak salads instead..

Or I'll just BBQ some stuff and grab some potato salad at the deli.. I grill in the winter too tho, it's so easy and no cleanup
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Go dine out somewhere air conditioned!
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I actually don't do much different when it's warm outside. Yesterday we had left over pot roast, stuffing and rosemary potatos for lunch and frozen pizza for dinner. Today we'll be grilling out steaks, hotdogs, hamburgers, chicken and veggies with the neighbors.
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I'm definitely not one to have a meal with no protein, so a Cobb salad is one of my faves. I always have hard-boiled eggs on hand, so that's easy, and I use deli meats in place of the traditional poached chicken.
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