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My buddy Wingnut just died suddenly

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My male cat Wingnut was killed in my backyard this morning by *something*.

I woke up this morning at 2:30 AM and let my cats Wingnut and Moonbat out in the backyard with their Invisible Fence collars on, as usual. Backlight porch and floodlights on. Done it many times.

I then went to my computer and surfed for a couple hours.

About 5 AM I opened the back door and shook the food bag. Moonbat came running. Wingnut did not. I waited and tried again 20 minutes later. Still no Wingnut.

I grabbed the flashlight and went looking.

He was laying in the south east corner of my backyard, dead. Blood on his fur and paws.

I feel responsible. I have suspected (but not seen) that there are predators that come around in the early AM hours. Possibly coyotes, etc. My cats have done fine out back in the early hours many times before. But, I should have listened to my feelings and kept them inside.

I am so sad. If I only had not let them outdoors.

I want to take Wingnut's body in for an autopsy to determine want killed him. I see no serious bite marks, but several contusions and a little blood on his lower quarters.

I would like to have his body disposed of in a respectful manner (cremation, if possible). Preferably this weekend, if veterinarians can accommodate on short order. I currently have him in a plastic bag in the freezer.

I am devastated. Moonbat knows what happened and is is requesting attention from me constantly. I will be getting her another "playmate" soon (friend has some kittens she is looking to give away).

I wanted Wingnut to stay with me for a LONG time. I didn't expect it to end for him this soon -- he was only 2 years old. I am hurt bad.

God bless my kitty. Wingnut, I'm so sorry...
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Oh no I am so very sorry. What a heartbreaking thing to happen.

May Wingnut rest in peace
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I'm so sorry for your sudden loss. Rest in peace, Wingnut.
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I am so sorry for your loss... Hang in there...
RIP Wingnut
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That's terrible. RIP, Wingnut.
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I am so sorry for your loss.

RIP, Wingnut!
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I am so sorry for your loss.

RIP Wingnut
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Thanks for the kind words. I just woke up, went to sleep shortly after posting this. I'm a little better now, but still emotionally overloaded.

Vet is off-line for the weekend, guess I’ll have to deal with it Monday (left voice mail, maybe they will call me back).

I LOVED that cat. He was my buddy, used to paw through my hair as I laid on the floor recovering from 125 sit-ups each morning. Slept with me. Talked to me (yes, we conversed in cat language).

Now he is in my freezer, dead. Something, in my back yard, killed him last night.

I am working it out. I am concerned about my other cat, Moonbat and by little dog, Spuds. SERIOUSLY want to take out whatever it was that got Wingnut. Thinking about spending the night on my porch tonight with night vision goggles, a scoped Ruger 10-22 and a flashlight. Payback time.

This is part of owning animals, I guess. I had not expected it this soon however (less than 2 years after getting my two cats). Finding Wingnut dead in my back yard this morning just devastated me. I tried to do everything I could to keep them safe and this still happened.

God bless you Wingnut. Daddy loves you and will miss you. May we meet again, eventually.
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Oh no I am so sorry RIP Wingnut
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I'm so sorry for your loss. Rest in Peace Wingnut.
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I'm so sorry, this is awful

It might be an idea to just take Moonbat out on a harness from now on just incase

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Play happily over the bridge Wingnut.

I'm so sorry.

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I’m better now. My neighbor came over and we had a couple beers, talked about it. Discussing it with another cat owner made me feel better. I’m not blaming myself so much now. It was not something I could have really prevented.

He thinks it was a wildcat. I think maybe a feral dog or possibly a coyote.

Whatever it was, I’m going to be sitting in the dark on my back porch tonight with a loaded 10-22 waiting for it to return (and no, I'm not a gun happy redneck, thank you). If I see it, whatever it was, it is DEAD. Period.

Looking forward -- new cat (male) soon. His name will be "Doodad". Moonbat needs a companion.
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Im sorry you lost your kitty, I really am, but why are you now going to go kill another animal that was just doing what comes natural to him/her? That death will not revenge your lost cat.

If you know you have wild cats, coyotes and feral dogs around you, the option should be to keep the cats inside because they will be killed by these animals you mentioned, for food. Keep your kitties safe!

Killing another animal should not in anyway make you feel better, thats an animal, too. You cant just look out for yours, but you look out for all animals.

Even other cats who naturally kill mice, you dont go shoot because they killed mice. Its a never ending cycle.

Take your deep grief you feel and please direct it in another way that wont cause another unnecessary death.
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Thank you for your comment. You made a valid point. I am not looking for revenge or something to make me feel good after the loss of my cat.

My remaining female, Moonbat, wants to go outside tonight. I will not let her.

Look, I live in a rural area. If there is a predatory animal, stalking houses and killing domestic animals, then it needs to be dealt with. By whatever means necessary. If not me, then somebody else in this area will do it. I'm sorry, but that is the way it is.

I am not hanging out on my porch with night vision and a .22, waiting for whatever killed my cat. But if I see it, and it threatens my cat(s) or dog, I’m going to kill it.

Hopefully, whatever it was is gone and I don’t have to worry about it any more.

Trying to focus on my new cat. Will post a couple pics when I get him next week
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I'm so sorry for your loss. RIP Wingnut.
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I'm so sorry for your loss of Wingnutt. The week before Christmas 2004 my beloved Gray Kitty was killed by a feral cat. A neighbor saw the whole thing: it was the middle of the day, unseasonably warm December afternoon, and Gray wandered into territory that the feral had "owned" for a few years. There was a fight, and it appeared to the neighbor that Gray's neck was broken. He died in her arms - she's a nurse, and was actually going to try CPR on him.

Most around here would've wanted that black and white feral dead. I didn't. He was just doing what he knew: protecting his territory. My heart was broken in half; Gray was my soulmate. But killing that feral wasn't going to bring him back. I still get sad, and the feral is no longer around. I don't know what happened to him.

My thoughts are with you; I understand the horrible sadness.
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I'm not quite sure where you are in "Central Texas," but in that area there are a LOT of wild animals that can and will kill a cat. Throw in cruel people and mean dogs, and you have a pretty cat-hostile environment.

You loss really saddens me; for one so young to go so soon is a tragedy.
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I am so sorry you lost your good buddy.

Rest in pearce, Wingnut.
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Condolences on losing your dear WingNut. Owls are another possibility - something strong enough to overcome the kitty but not strong enough to carry him off. Play happily over RB, WingNut -you will always be remembered for the wonderful little cat that you were
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The Williamson County Animal Control just called me back. They do not have the resources to come out and trap whatever killed Wingnut. The guy I talked to said it was almost certainly a coyote. I told him I intend to kill it, if it comes back on my property, threatens my animals and I have a clear, safe shot at it. He said “go for itâ€.

I do not want to kill another animal. But, it came over my fence and killed my cat. That is not protecting territory. It is just aggression and it needs to be dealt with as such.

Had Wingnut cremated today. I’m better now. Looking forward to my new little buddy, his name will be “Doodadâ€. Moonbat needs a companion bad.
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I'm so sorry about Wingnut. He was a great little guy and it's clear how much he meant to you. What happened to him was tragic for you both (and of course Moonbat).

Even if you shoot the predator that killed Wingnut (and you won't be able to know that with certainty), there will be more. Unless you're willing to stand guard over Moonbat and Doodad while they're outdoors, you can't ensure that this won't happen again.

Why not look into building an outside enclosure for them? You can make it as big as you'd like (or as space allows). I'm building one in my yard for a feral kitty I've been caring for who needs to be relocated. I'm using the "Purrfect Fence" ( This particular fence system is expensive, but there are others available. If you've got some carpentry skills (and unfortunately, I don't) you can build your own. Do a search on TCS and you'll find pictures of enclosures that several members have built for their cats. Some include trees for climbing/scratching, even little ponds or fountains for cats who like running water . If you think like a cat, you can come up with some terrific ideas to make the enclosure a kitty paradise (how about a fresh catnip patch...).

Because of your location and the variety of predators there, I would suggest putting a "roof" on the enclosure as well. Some use chicken wire panels. There are lots of options.

Just a thought.

Wingnut's life was ended far too soon, but he was happy and loved during his time here.
All the best to you and Moonbat & Doodad.
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Thank you for your post. It helped.

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