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Very worried about Cali....

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I know you all are probably really sick of hearing from me. Im really worried about cali. her babies look like their poking out from her sides and she is acting like she is in pain. She is walking kinda "duckwalked" if that makes sense she still has 4 days until she is supposed to give birth. she is also crouching really low to the ground at times with her rear in the air, kinda like she was when she was in heat. She is also licking her area alot. I don't think shes lost her mucus plug either. are these all just signs of early labor, or should I take her to the vet? Im posting a pic of her stomach it was the best I could get.

One more thing, when should I expect her milk to come in?

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My cat just gave birth and she acted like that 24 hours before echo had her milk in for over a week before she gave birth so I cant answer that
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Don't feel bad for asking about questions about Cali. We are all here to support each other with others and concerns. Have you squeezed Cali's nipples? Her milk could coming in anytime now.
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yes I have squeezed her nipples and they are dry and actually feel kinda chapped
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You sound exactly like me and my girl Mao, only I don't know her due date. We are over 3 weeks of feeling the babies move. She FINALLY started nesting last night, and I got so excited. But NOTHING!
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some of my rescues felt like that. Don't worry the milk may come in an hour or so after the kittens are born, happened to me.

<3 keep us posted.
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It could be soon- its not uncommon to have them now- 63 days is only the average Just keep watch on her, and it should be fine
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Keller's milk didn't come in until 24 hrs after her kittens were delivered. I bottle fed that first day.
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