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American (Idols) Juniors

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Last night was the debut of "American Juniors" hosted by Ryan Seacrest. They are looking for America's top child singers and dancers who will then be put into a touring group, given a record contract and supposedly become famous. Some of the kids were very talented but their parents, for the most part, were loons!!! And do kids this age need this kind of stress? What do you think?
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I watched most of that last night and was disappointed with how some of the parents were acting (especially the Mom who was going off cuz her kid didn't make it & claimed she wasn't a "Stage Mom"). It was like they were pushing their kids into something they didn't really want to be part of. But, there were kids there that had some great talent and wanted to do this. I think there are times where the parents need to back off a bit and let the children discover what their talents are. Some of those kids were just bad at singing & etc. I felt bad for them because I know they'll probably get picked on because of it.

Also, IMO they shouldn't tell the real little kids perform (under the age of 8). Kids that age don't have the vocal skill of the older kids they are competing against.

I didn't enjoy that show as much as I thought I would. Probably won't be tuning in next time it's on.
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I thought it was very telling when that kid who was supposed to perform on command, jumped up in the No Parents Chair and said "being a pop star is stupid. I want to work at sea world because I love whales!"

Only a few of the kids there looked like they were enjoying themselves because of wanting to be there- and that one grandmother in the mobile chair? Good lord, that poor child, what she must have to endure on a daily basis- that one comment "Tell me right now what is wrong with this child so we can fix her!" That comment broke my heart.
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did anyone else notice that grandma was smoking A few of the kids looked like they really wanted to be there, most of them didn't. Some of them were sooooooo talented!! I almost think they should have made it from 10-13 or something. Some of those 13 year olds looked 16!
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I find such things so disgusting, I wouldn't even watch it. I am so glad there was not anything like that when I was growing up, or my mother would have made me do it. She forced me into ballet lessons, made me try out for cheerleading, (thank God I wasn't chosen) and modeling. When I got to be a teenager, and refused to do it any more, she no longer had any interest in me. I went completely wild, and rebelled against everything. It's amazing I even finished high school. I had no social skills, because I was not allowed friends when I was growing up. Everyone was competition, including my siblings. We hate each other to this day, and all of us have had therapy to rid of us of her influence. I hate to think what is going to happen to some of these kids.
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Yes, we noticed smoking grandma in her electric wheel chair. But did you hear what she said? When granddaughter didn't make the cut grandma asked, "Can we fix her? Do you think she can be fixed?" What kind of thing is that to say in front of a child? The kid wasn't broken, the grandmother is CRACKED.
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I didn't have any urge to watch this show. I don't believe that parading these kids in front of America and most of them "failing" will be good for their self image, so I won't watch!
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I didn't see the show, but I don't want to either. The price of fame, money and glory is too high when your sacrificing your child's early years for the limelight.
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I watched both American Idols but I dont think I can get into this American Juniors. I mean, where are the judges? No judges, that's no fun.

I agree that some of the kids didnt seem like that wanted to be there. I think it should be the childs choice and not the parents.
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Is anybody watching this show?

I keep forgetting to watch it. I am going to tonight though.
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I really enjoyed seeing these kids! So much talent and spunk and great attitudes. Parents...gosh they should be a whole show on their own. I hope they watch and see how pushy, overbearing and ridiculous they are!!

But I don't like that we will be voting out these little kids. I just don't think that is appropriate for this age group. I think it would be more appropriate to have the judging panel select finalists from each round to move on, rather than having a popularity contest and having kids voted out by the general public. That just seems like it could really hurt their feelings.
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