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Mickey ate thread!

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Mickey was racing up and down the hallway dragging his bum and looking like someone was chasing him. I picked him up and he had poop hanging from his bum. I looked at it and its hanging from thread! My boyfriend had sewn a button on my pants last night and must have left out a piece. I cut the string and left it like it is but I dont know what to do! We gave him sone treats and now hes lying on the bathroom flooor. Anyone have any suggestions? Will it just pass through?
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Well, it's made it this far already. Do you have any hairball paste around? A little of that may help the rest pass. Other than that, give him tonight - check the litter box tomorrow morning for stool with thread in it (yes, I know. Ick) and if you can't find any it's time to call the vet. See what they suggest you do.

To make tomorrow's search easier, go make sure the litter box is thoroughly scooped now - or make the boyfriend do it since he's left some thread out.
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Oh how scary....
I have not experienced anything like this but from what I have read, you did the right thing by cutting the string and not pulling on it.

If it were me, I would watch Mickey and his poo closely. If you see any signs of distress, get him to your vet or an emergency immediately.

I am sending a pass the string poo dance to Mickey.
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Here's hoping it will pass!

<3 yeah, don't pull on it, give him some love and keep us posted!
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Well I had watched a show a few months ago about a cat who ate the tape from a cassette, and it had gotten tangled all through his intestines. So I knew not to pull. My boyfriend cut it about an inch from his butt and when I went to look a few minutes ago, I didnt see any thread.
There were two big poops that were hanging from his bum that wereattached with thread.
So what Im thinking is, the bf sewed the button on my pants wednesday night, and then sewed a button on my shirt last night. If Mickey got into it wednesday, it might be all out of his system by now?
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Several years ago, a roommate we had noticed a string hanging from his cat, Smokey's mouth. He pulled at it and about 12 inches came out! We had to be careful since she would eat string, thread and rubber bands! She was fine afterwords. Your boy should be just fine! Just watch him for any distress.
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it's soft... it's not going to perf his intestines. Depending on if there is enough, it might be capable of causing a bowel obstruction, but if he's already passed some of it, my guess is that he'll pass the rest without a problem.

When I used to perform as a magician (still practice, but don't perform) there was a trick I did at certain types of events involving razor blades and string..... anyways, without getting too much into detail, as part of it, I had to swallow some string (at least that's the way I did it). It passed every time without a problem and that was string - not thread.

Incidentally, there is another way to do it involving no swallowing, but hey - I'm old fashioned with my techniques.
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Luna ate some almost 3 years ago no more than a few weeks after I got her. I took her to the vet the next day, but couldn't afford the x rays they wanted to do on her (if it got really desperate I was going to try to get a loan, so not like I was going to let her suffer). So they gave us the option of trying the hairball paste. Sure enough it passed hours later. So it works if it's far enough along.
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Well Mickey seems to be fine now. I didnt see anymore thread since I made this post. Im so relieved ... Thanks for all the support guys!
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Thank you for the update, and good news! Hopefully the boyfriend is a bit more careful with thread now.
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