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Breed question?

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I recently saw a cat that i was told was a maine coon, however it had short hair and looked like a bengal. I was wondering if there is such a breed as a short hair maine coon. Or maybe even a breed of big bengals ( becuz this cat was huge). and is it possible to breed a maine coon and a bengal. ( Sorry i dont know much about cat breeds) If any one could help, thank u so much.
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Welp... this is a new one.. I'll do some checking and get back to you.. in the mean time...

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I'm sure a Maine Coon and Bengal can be cross bred. Both are cats so it could be a mix.
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I've seen pictures of long haired bengals before
( http://www.abundadots.com/ )
But can't say I've ever seen a short haired maine coon. But either or wouldn't be showable.
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That link didn't go as planned. It's under

Bengal Information > The Bengal's Coat > and then the last two pictures on the page.
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No such thing as a PUREBRED S/H Maine Coon.
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Sounds like a savannah cat possiably? Savannah cats are hybrid cats, as bengal cats are, and are large, have spots and short hair.

the forefathers of the savannah breed, Initial crossing used in the savannah breed is sometimes known to be of a african serval and a mainecoon cat.

Thus resulting in a large spotted domestic cat.

Hope this helps!
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This is almost certainly a crossbred.
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