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I had a great time at the show in Tucson. It was a 1-day show with 6 rings. HHP's were shown in all rings, so it was a pretty busy day. There were 25 entries in the HHP category! Some of them had been in so many shows the judges knew them by name. Anyway, my girls were up against some great competition. I posted their results in a new thread here.

Cali was absolutely terrified. I think she has prettier markings than Iris, but she will not be going to any more shows. I just can't put her through that again.

Goldy got 10th Best Cat in one ring, and Iris made 4 top ten finals. She ended up with two 10th Best ribbons, one 9th Best, and one 8th Best.
AWESOME!! Congrats!
I'm going to keep socializing Gigi..taking her places, let trustworthy people handle her, etc....hopefully she'll have the right 'tude for show! She is a very outgoing and friendly kitten.