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Shoulder dislocation?

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Has anyone here ever dislocated their shoulder?

I fell at work today and instinctively put my left arm out to break my fall. Didn't even work. I also landed on my right elbow and right knee, leaving two huge lumps and bruises.

I thought I was ok at first, but my shoulder is REALLY bothering me now. I can't even explain what it feels like. Sorta like I've been treading water for a long time, nonstop and then get out of the water. It's like a dull, numbing, weak feeling. Right through my shoulder down my arm.

I also cannot hold anything heavy in that arm, or lift it above my head without pretty bad pain.

I'm not sure if I just pulled something or if I really did some damage to this shoulder (My good one at that)

Does it sound like a dislocation? I can't see it looking any different than the other shoulder though.
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Sounds more like a sublax - it only partially went out and is back in place now.
To tell if something is actually dislocated, simply look in the mirror and move your arm around - it will look weird is it's dislocated.

I used to fall 5-7 times a week on average, almost always falling on my right side and my right shoulder would end up like your's is now. You could get it checked out, but chances are there's just a little connective tissue damage that will have to heal on it's own.
Listen to your body and don't try to do anything that hurts. An NSAID and ice can help a little.

It should feel better in a few days.
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Originally Posted by strange_wings View Post
Sounds more like a sublax
I doubt it would be a dislocated shoulder. I've dislocated my shoulder a few times and it wasn't really too painful but I could just tell that something wasn't quite right. Either way you should get it checked out by your doc.
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My mum seems to think that I just pulled a muscle or something. She said she had a sublux before and the drs didn't do anything for her anyway, other than some NSAIDS.
Which I have some from my other shoulder when I injured it. (celebrex)

I couldn't sleep on that side at all last night, and the pain level is worse today, I can't move my arm at all without it hurting now.
But I can't get to a drs without a ride so I'll have to wait till tonight or tomorrow.
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Did you tell your employer about your fall when it happened?
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Not when it happened, but at the end of the day we all meet at the bosses and I told her then, and she just blew it off like it wasn't a big deal.

My only problem is that no one saw me fall, and so there are no witnesses and so they can say it never happened and if I need to take time off, I can't get wokers comp. The only one who saw me fall won't talk. Since she's a yellow lab.
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I went to the ER today because the pain is pretty well unbearable.

The Doctor figures I just jammed it. He didn't want xrays, but said if it lasts more than a few days than to come back and get an xray done....... it better not be broken.

He said to continue the celebrex and get some tylenol.
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If it was dislocated, you wouldn't be able to really move it. And its PAINFUL to the point of screaming.

Ew, my ex bf shoulder would dislocate for no was gross.
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Sounds like you have a subluxation of your shoulder. It's not a complete dislocation.

Last year when I was in physio I had that happen to my right shoulder. It was really painful. And it's the type of pain that no analgesic will get rid of. It's sharp and intense.

I took to wearing a sling on my arm, that also supported the part of my arm above my elbow, especially when I was in bed. That kept my shoulder from falling backwards.

Sometimes medical attention is needed to get the joint back in place, but not always.

My phyisotherapist gave me exercises (with bands) to do that helped to strengthen the front portion of my shoulders. Which helped.
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Originally Posted by Natalie_ca View Post
It was really painful. And it's the type of pain that no analgesic will get rid of. It's sharp and intense.
Exactly. Narcotic painkillers wouldn't even touch mine (when some still used to halfway work). I had more relief from ice, once I got it in the right place.
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