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Zenequin for URI's

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Does anybody have experience with URI's. My baby boy has had an URI for the past week. He just started on Zenequin yesterday. I'm wondering how long before he starts to improve. The poor little thing is so congested. I am guessing 48-72 hours before he gets some relief???
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URI's are typically caused by viral infections. Zenequin is used for bactial infections. Vets prescribe antibiotics to ward off any bacterial infections while their immunities are lowered from the virus. So Zenequin won't provide relief unless by chance his URI is bacterial based. If its a virus, it just needs to work out of his system. If it is bacterial based, give it a couple of days. Zenequin is strong stuff.

Take him in the bathroom with you when you shower so that the steam helps to unclog him. I have resorted to vaporizors when they get really stuffed up. And do what you would do when you have a bad cold - push lots of fluids, make sure he continues to eat well (use stinky canned food if you need to), and let it work itself out of his system.

Poor baby!
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WOW! Zenequin is a pretty high powered antibiotic. My kitty was on it for 2-20 day stretches for a severe bacterial infection. You should start seeing results in about 48 hours or so. I'm a big advocate of the steam treatment and vaporizers for stuffed up kitties. It really does work. Keep him hydrated and eating and he should be on the road to recovery in a few days.
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