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Mama cat drying up from nursing

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This is my first time writing. I'm not sure if I have a problem yet but I've been searching online for answers and came upon this site.

A vet asked me to take in 5 kittens that were left at her door. They were 3 weeks old and I was going to bottle feed. However, I know a family that had a nursing mom cat and they had just given the kittens away at 7 weeks so Mama cat still had milk. I borrowed her...yes, a wet nurse kitty! She accepted the new kittens without a hitch. These kittens are now 7 weeks old and they are under my care but belong to the rescue group I volunteer for.

Mama cat is extremely unhealthy looking and has had 3 litters of kittens and now has nursed these kittens and she is only 2 years old. She has worms, ear mites and fleas. All of these I can take care of if she's not nursing. Her hip bones are protruding horribly. She has been weaning the kittens herself for about a week then I started keeping the kittens away from her in the day and only giving them to her at night, then less than that. Two days ago, I stopped separated her from the kittens permanently. It isn't ideal but I'm very concerned with Mama cats health and we need her to dry up for two weeks before spaying so I can get her back to her owners. I have to keep her for those 2 weeks because I don't trust the owners to keep her indoors so she doesn't get pregnant again!

Here is my concern...mastitis, of course, but I don't think she is there yet. She still has a lot of milk and it looks and feels like she has 6 hard boiled eggs hanging from her stomach. It is horrible and I feel so guilty but I really have her best interest in mind. Last night she allowed me to apply a warm wet compress. Today I will do the same. Should I try to express some of the milk? I remember doing that myself when I was nursing my own babies! I just want to relieve her discomfort. She is eating, drinking, and active, but I can tell she is uncomfortable but not in pain.

btw...the kittens are doing great. I am supplementing formula three times a day, which they are drinking from a saucer. They are also eating Royal Canin Baby Cat dry food. They don't like canned food yet. My four cats are babysitting them and playing gently with them.
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thing. First about the nursing mom, she sounds like she has been very neglected and I would do everything in my power to prevent her from returning to the people where she lived. I would have no problem spaying her and finding her a good home. No excuse for that many litters in such a short time and be so physically depleated. Believe me, she will get pregnant and it will happen over and over. You are her only hope. I think the kittens will be fine. I have 6 week old ones and they are pretty well through nursing. Can you call the vet for momma? I would get her in there asap. She was in poor condition in the beginning before she took over the new babies. I would definitely get her to the vet real quick. She deserves to be healthy after taking care of numerous litters, even those that were not hers. Keep us posted. Bless you for all you are doing for them!
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I would be feeding mummy cat on a high grade kitten food, and also on kitten kibble.

I wouldn't take mum cat back to the people either, but some queens can look skinny when feeding their kittens that why their diet has to be a good one to ensure they get everything they need, i feed my girls on royal canin babycat and kitten 36 and lots of kitten wet food while pregnant and while raising their babies, good luck with mum and her babies
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oh and almost forget to add you should realy get mum treated for the ear mites as these will pass down to the babies, you vet should be able to give you an all in one fle,wormer, and mites spot on that is safe to use on nursing mums
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Thank you for the feedback.
I, too, do NOT want this Mama cat to go back to the owners but I have to because she is theirs and I just borrowed her. However, our rescue group IS going to pay to have her spayed and I have already given her worming medication. I am giving her vitamins along with high quality kitten food, dry and canned. She will not go back there until I have put Frontline on her and I will go there every month to put more on her. She lives nearby and they are aquaintences, but I know they won't mind me coming over to check on her. I've treated her like royalty since she so willingly took these orphan kittens in.

I am still very concerned about her teats being SO full of milk right now. I think it just has to run it's course, unfortunately! I do have access to antibiotics but I hate to put her through that if I don't have to. I will see how she progresses tomorrow. Hopefully I will see a decrease in the milk she is holding.

Thank you again...I love this website! I think all us cat people are nice!!
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Momcats, it sounds like you have thought of everything and your being the purrrfect mummy :o)
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