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HELP! New mom freaking out!

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My cat had a litter of kittens on Sunday. I made her a "queening box" before the birth, which she used and has continued to use after the kittens were born. The box is a laundry basket, with padding, that I clean regularly. I put the basket in my closet with a small opening for her to enter/exit to use her litter box in my bathroom.

I suddenly heard the kittens meowing loudly when I came in from cleaning the litter box this morning. I knew from the sounds that one had been moved under my bed! When I looked in on mom and the other four kittens, I saw the basket was tipped over. I think mommy cat must have not cleared the side and then freaked herself out and was trying to move the cats to a safe place.

I got the basket all put back together and prevented mommy cat from running out with any more kittens, plus retreived the kitten from under my bed. Mommy cat is FREAKING out and so are the kittens. I have locked her in the closet with the kittens hoping she will settle down.

I don't know what to do! I don't want her moving those kittens under my bed...and on white carpet to boot! How do I get her to not move the kitties and settle down? What is a better bed option? I have used the laundry basket before and it has never been an issue so I don't know what to do....

I have upset mom and screaming kitties!!! Please help!!!
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I don't have any advice for you, but I'm hoping someone here will be able to offer you some.

I hope mom has calmed a bit since your posting.
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momma and babies in the closet. That is liable to freak her out even more. Maybe put the basket nearer the bed if she is bound to move them under it. If you don't want them under the bed, stack up some magazines or something to prevent her from going under it. But if she was happy in the closet in the beginning, I would really try to keep her there, baring locking her in. Maybe cut out the side of the basket somewhat so she can get in and out better and eliminate her need to jump in and out. Just be sure not to cut too low so no baby escapes. Maybe if there is a sharp edge after you cut it out, put duct tape over the edge to protect the babies from getting hurt on the cut edge. I would just make the closet very welcoming for her and hope for the best. Keep us posted.
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I guess I should have been more clear...I was in such a hurry to get help. I did leave the closet door open for her so she could come and go. I just shut the door for 10 min. on her to try to figure out what to do.

I moved the kitties downstairs into my spare room and everything seemed to be great. We have noticed mommy kittiy is getting bored all alone, so we opened the door and let her wander in and out during the day.

Last night we forgot to shut the door, and woke at 3 am to the sound of 5 kitties crying under our bed...she moved them again. She haulded those kitties a long way and up a flight of stairs. She is determined. I think it is funny she wants them under my bed when she has a male neutered cat sleeping up on the bed and a giant yellow lab that sleeps beside it.

I moved the kitties back down to the spare room. I better remember to shut the door at night! They are still sleeping in the laundry basket and we haven't had any incidents on that front since the initial problem. I change the bedding daily and all is well.
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Mom cats move their kittens on a regular basis, especially in the first few days. This is how many kittens get "lost." It's normal and natural, following instincts formed before there were people on earth.
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I figured as much...I just don't want them under my bed! I laughed with my husband, as much as we could at 3 am, and said "I gave her her own room in our house, and she still wants them with everyone else!"
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