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They never cease to suprise us!

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I have had Fiona for 3 years. She has never, not once slept in my lap or even sat there for a long period of time. She is very spazzy and had a hard life so she is not very trusting.

I was reading my book and she came up on my lap and LAID DOWN. I couldn't breathe. I was afraid to spook her. Than she rolled up in a ball and went to sleep. How stinkin' cute is that!

they never cease to suprise me!
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Love those surprises too! I guess it's their way of saying you are a wonderful human.
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Cats are funny. If you WANT them to lay on your lap they won't but pick up a book or newspaper and you're suddenly a cat magnet!
I think Maggie knows that when I pick up a book I'm going to be in 1 positon for a long time so she lays on me, otherwise she won't unless I'm sleeping.
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That's so sweet!! Guess after 3 years, she's decided you're 'her' human and she loves you. It took my cat 10 years! LOL
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see, I can't imagine the NOT being in the lap. Milo will practically knock over anything on my legs (usually my laptop!) to get into my lap and he's been like that since he could walk over to me. Oliver is the same way.
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Zane is hot or cold. He's either Velcro Kitty or doesn't want anything to do with me.
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Velcro Kitty
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awwww bless

flash is my partners lap cat and sooty is mine like Breellablue's Milo sooty does the same
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